EV Demand Weakness (Video)

so yes we're seeing a weakness in EVS of Tesla competitors because they are not competing they are just not comparable first of all the oem's building those cars are losing horrendous amounts of money on it so they obviously are giving up on those they're either waiting it out a year or two we've seen GM announcing that they're pushing back a plant that they wanted to do we have seen Ford uh shelving 12 billion investments in in in the eveve plant so yes there is a weakness but what they're trying to do is they're trying to pretend that there's a weakness in the overall market right just because that gives their whole incapacity of Performing the look as if it's the whole industry but there is not there are still people wanting Teslas and obviously there may be you know quarters that are better than others because next quarter they may get the point of sale reduction or they want the model 3 plus rather than the model 3 or whatever you will have those small distortions but the overall appetite for for Eevees is still here and then if you I mean the thing is that America is currently not even at 8% of an EV penetration rate right of all new cars so America is way to go and believe me there is appetite for way to go but then the other thing is you have Europe and you have China which is growing enormously I do believe China will be the first country to actually be at parity between ice and uh EVS most probably 2025 2026 so the appetite worldwide for EVS is actually growing so just because you're hear in the US where they're always good at PR I mean no doubt about it that suddenly this subject has come up since the Q3 earning scores of all these oems that oh there is a weakness in eveve demand no they wish they can hide their own failures behind this screen of oh it's it's an overall weakness there is no overall weakness in EV demand there is not