EV maker Nikola stock drops as CEO to step down – Reaction (Video)

okay guys Nicola is back in the news the Nicola uh okay Evie maker Nicholas stock drops as CEO to step down okay let's check out people still own Nicholas stock like what is going on all right let's check let's see move on to another uh another mover something tells me this one is a little squeezy as well actually I'm gonna I'm talking about Nikola but I'm gonna call up the short interest real quick like here on this one that one's 23 so that one uh do maybe do see squeezes sometimes but not today the shares are down 11 uh results from Nicole is showing a beat on the top line the number of EVS produced and shipped fell uh probably also getting a lot of headlines today there's a new CEO at Nicola Michael lost sheller stepping down for family health reasons he's going to be replaced by chairman Steve gursky the company also winning shareholder backing to issue new stock that means it can now raise additional funds to help launch its fuel cell powered trucks on the other hand dilutes the value for existing shareholders if it is selling more shares um I believe this is the fourth new chief executive for this company if I'm not mistaken so this is you know a company that's seen a lot of turmoil it's quite storied turnover yeah um gursky at least is familiar because he's the chairman of the company so he's yes a familiar name does it speak it as to who doesn't speak to any kind of confidence in the company I don't think so uh you look at some of the numbers you know just Revenue alone 15 million dollars 15.4 million dollars excuse me estimate was for 14.9 million this is a micro Cab Company basically by these Revenue numbers um still really not getting into the full swing of their business so I don't know what to really make of the report itself but I can tell you what the stock action is doing all right two months it's up almost 500 percent that's impressive but you take a look at the year to date well it's up 57 but it had a huge drawdown here and then let's take a look at the max chart um this is another one this peaked in almost 2020 in the middle of the year and it is down it was down 99 from there so I was commenting on the DraftKings here's the DraftKings and you can and see we are up a lot more than Nicola that we see right here Nicola is not interesting stuff um comparing the two companies although Nicola obviously much more speculative whereas DraftKings actually well they have they have real products there you go I have a product that's out there oh my God I can't believe people are people still own Nikola stock like do they still have hope that it's gonna like start selling their hydrogen fuel cell trucks there's only like 200 orders for these trucks and 200 oh my God it's just a mess Nicholas stock people I don't know what's going on with you guys who still own it but um it's a joke company it's gonna go bankrupt it's it's pathetic so yeah man a terrible company and it's down stock is down again new CEO it's just bad news for Nicola get the hell out of there if you uh yeah if you own any it's a terrible idea but anyway Nikola see you guys on the next one