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well China's EV pricing will might be coming to an end now Tesla joined some of the nation's top automakers in signing a pledge to keep competition fair and avoid quote abnormal pricing joining us now to break this down is Yahoo finance reporter for us subramanian hey price hey how's it going Rochelle you know you mentioned that pact or whatever you want to call it some say it's a cooperation in this country you might call it something of antitrust Behavior things like that but in China That's sort of how you do business there so Taz along with 15 other Chinese EV makers signed a pact today to cooperate to rein in prices um this is that a signing ceremony today on Thursday kind of led by the cpca the the Chinese passenger car Association there ending the price War there in in China which was already sort of dissipating as we saw recently with some companies actually hiking price just a little bit after all those huge downward revisions it's all very strange I think for Americans to see it but that's just how things are done in China but it also May sort of signal a change with Tesla usually the company sort of went by the beat of its own drum drum and and would kind of do its own thing whether it's a charging a bespoke charging Network or you know direct direct sales to consumers in the US but now you see a more mature Tesla working with competitors in China opening up its charge Network here in the US to other competitors maybe kind of as the company matures and sees sort of its place in the industry and it's interesting because you know obviously Tesla is very uniquely positioned to be able to sort of have this very flexible price changing structure here so can we expect them some normalcy from here is this going to be what it is from now given this this pack that they have in place I think in China it shows their willingness to really play ball with with what the government wants to do and if that means not cutting prices and angry remember a lot of customers were angry with them because they cut prices so so drastically in the beginning of the year and many people have played thousands of dollars more just the day before the price cut so I think China the Chinese are also looking at Tesla saying hey why don't you be a bit more moderate here work with work with the other competitors in the space make sure everyone sort of survives and not everyone's kind of racing to the bottom and losing profit share competition heats up especially since there are some more affordable models in that home territory in China a big thank you there for getting us up to speed our price is Romanian

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