Federal Reserve Rate Decision: What to Watch for (Video)

what is the big thing that you're going to be watching for look now that the pause is in your certainty it's going to be all about the dots today uh that will are be released as long as well as with the decision at 2PM now if they match the March dots that essentially is telling us that there are no more hikes in the cards that would be a dumbest reaction but the thing to watch out for is do they shift higher do they shift Higher by 25 basis points showing their one more hike for the rest of the year or perhaps the more hawkish outcome they shift Higher by two more hikes the other possibilities to watch or is the dispersion going to widen we know that there's been some bit of battling between the Hawks and the doves just in the last month which is really the first time this cycle we've seen some disagreement perhaps in just perhaps they keep the dots very similar but focus on the 2024 dots maybe shift those higher in a bid to stay say we're at the terminal rate but we intend to stay at this terminal for a bit longer than you expect