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FedEx shares Rising today after profit topped analyst estimates the company boosted the low end of its earnings forecast strong analyst commentary this morning helping boost the stock as well JP Morgan Chase analyst Brian asmic said he expects FedEx to outperform the industrial sector near term after a significant earnings beat and Josh as we were saying yesterday on the back of their results this was a strong one with some Tailwinds You could argue for the company given what was playing out with UPS but certainly FedEx not you know far from kind of um in in the clear here because labor costs you know something that will continue to to be watching labor cost and also just the general macro you know this kind of um weak demand that we saw I thought some of the comments of Keiko that we saw from exec were interested they felt good about how they executed but the macro they said did not help so an ongoing challenge there moving on shares of Amazon closing the day in the red that's after three Executives were added to the fdc's lawsuit against the Tech Giant and Cloud giant a six straight day declines for Amazon matches their longest losing streak since the end of February stock has been pulling back amid growing speculation that the FTC will file a major Anti-Trust loot against Amazon yeah and you know this comes the day after we saw Amazon drop that Merchant fee roughly 2% is what was expected to take shape coming in October we're seeing some parts move here with Amazon as they go towards this expectation of a lawsuit obviously Google already in that anti case but you have to wonder how much of that self-correction happens moving forward for these companies knowing that the FTC is continuing to build that case yeah of course we have these reports the FDC is considering finding that big antitrust lawsuit against Amazon soon and interesting AO because when we talk on y finds with the analyst who cover the name yes they say it's an overhang but some of them have been crunching the numbers and they think let's say even if the company's broken up some of the folks we're talking to think by their numbers worth 148 to 193 a share so some of the yes it's an overhang but they're not too worried we'll see and forth regulation always the expectation this is going to be a long-term play right it'll play out over weeks exactly or years you're right let's take a look at Tesla's shares today they are moving lower on a report that the eeve maker has drawn up plans to make and sell battery storage systems in India according to Reuters Tesla submitted a proposal to officials seeking incentives to build a factory in India El Elon Musk continues a push to enter the country and I realize we've been so focused on India being sort of this next big opportunity um for tech companies but also Tesla but you know you could argue that India as well as many other countries have really been chasing those green dollars coming in Tesla's kind of at the Forefront of it this announcement today or at least this reporting coming through from Reuters points to that opportunity these countries see we should point out by the way Elon Musk also met with Thailand's new prime minister today who's also supporting Tesla to build so we're sort of seeing this Global race to try and get that money and Tesla being sort of the EV leader really at the Forefront of those conversation yeah and you're right to point out too broader story than just Tesla so many companies from so many Industries looking to India you think most about Apple of course moving manufacturing to V there as well down today by the way Tesla but of course if you're a Tesla bull you've been riding a rocket ship this year it's up about 110% yeah 110% not bad not bad

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