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going on everybody we're live in the live stream we just opened this box of halves and look what we've just spotted right there do you see it that is silver and not only is it silver this is a 1969 proof look at that that's actually a proof coin that's probably going to be low mintage right there you could see the S mint mark hopefully we've got other good stuff in here so I started pulling out rolls there's our silver Ender right there at the top but look down there I think that's another silver that's definitely silver is there a mint mark on there I don't see a mint mark so it could be 40 it could be 90 percent we could have even more all right guys we had a little mishap here snacks accidentally opened up the roll with the Ender so we're just going to go ahead and take a look and see let's make sure I think it's proof it is definitely proof that is the S mint mark right there this one's actually circulated this one's actually oh my gosh he just got another silver as we're doing this 1969 S we looked up the mintage on this just under 3 million minted what did you end up getting 1967 1967 as well that's another 40 that is awesome two Silvers so far in the Box just opened a roll and I I've got silver I think this one right here we thought it might be old at first but you could see the rim I think it's he thinks it's going to be a 40 or let's find out what it is it silver 1966 that is silver and because it's a 66 we need to check for a double profile so we're going to put this under the scope real quick and look and see if it's got the profile it does not so no doubling but that's still 40 Silver literally guys very next roll snacks gets silver and that is blinging right now what do you guys think is that going to be 40 or 90 that looks 90 dude dude that looks 90. okay let's let's go to the back side first all right I don't see a mint mark it could it could still be 90 it could be 40. we got 90 silver 1964. first 90 out of this wow that is a beautiful coin is we got another Ender right here let's see what we got hopefully another 1964 but I didn't see a mint mark so who knows it could be 40 could be 90 percent so if there's any friends any friends traveling solo but there it is what do we get it is oh 1969. holy cow look at the condition of that look at the condition of that wow we've had some really beautiful silver coins come out of this box today that is gorgeous guys look what we have in the box right here we looked down and we spotted this in the Box this is why you always double check your coins always flip them over that is a commemorative right there confederate general John C Pemberton Civil War 1814-1881 wow we almost missed that I'm so glad we didn't foreign

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