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uh price on the charging front we've seen a long list of companies adopting Tesla's charging standard who's the latest now okigo it's Fisker they're joining the party the Tesla Supercharger party uh however they won't only gain access in 2025 the use of an adapter uh and sometime after that physical says they'll include that Macs Port that Tesla port natively in their car so I asked Mr why 2024 wasn't an option like the other Tesla Partners they haven't gotten back to me yet but I think that's really interesting there maybe that's a it's a cost or sort of strategic uh initiative there but still great news if you're an EV uh EV owner earlier this month if it's going to have that product Vision yeah Kiko you were there you spoke to um Henrik Pittsburgh himself and saw the the new pair crossover the Alaska pickup and the Ronan Supercar I have to ask you Kiko what did you think of the Ronan and also the Alaska pickup I mean the Ronin range is the one thing that stood out to me the price tag 385 000 and then a range of more than 600 miles did I get that right yeah I mean we'll see if that actually happens but I think that that a lot of people ask me the Alaska pick up so we'll see a lot of good things going on for Fisker at the moment and this charging deal definitely helps them out with more uh buyer opt-in I think sorry did you guys say 385 thousand dollars even more too right my goodness talk about an expensive car right Frost thanks so much

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