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Ford and Tesla are hitting the gas on their partnership or maybe hitting the accelerator might be more accurate announcing yesterday that Ford EV owners will have access to Tesla's 12 000 superchargers in the U.S and Canada beginning early next year Diane this reminds me sort of like of of Apple and Android devices and what if you actually had adapters right the companies themselves sold exactly so this is really fascinating Ford um will not have adapters to use the Teslas and eventually thousand of them the cars will be made with that adapter in the car so I guess there would be two different ports perhaps in those Ford vehicles exactly and we teased this earlier saying from Rivals to partner so it was kind of unexpected because when I they announced they were doing this Twitter spaces another spaces uh chat uh that it was going to be yes exactly it wasn't you know they didn't suffer the glitches as uh the DeSantis announcement did but it was I just expected to kind of just be a conversation not necessarily in announcement of a partnership here so kind of coming together bringing the old in terms of the historic footprint that Ford has a must com commented on and praised really Farley Ford's Farley its CEO about how they were able to Stave off bankruptcy you know back in the day and so you can see him trying to bring them together and you can see both their share prices gaining ground as a result of that partnership so we'll certainly be watching that you know and Ford also first to the race in terms of the pickup side of EV right so just one more point to make on all of this there has been some reporting that some Tesla drivers are a little bit annoyed at this they're concerned already because they say there are delays at times at the charging station so now if there are going to be Ford vehicles also that will be lining up that that could create a little more congestion of course Tesla as well as the federal government for that matter is talking about building out these charging networks right in a very decided fashion so maybe that will alleviate some of that but that's not going to happen I know but that also feels a little bit of a you can't sit with this so I don't know I don't know we'll see what happens with that

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