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well shifting gears to the auto space Ford and Tesla shares closing the week in the green and they're hitting the gas on their partnership that will allow Ford EV owners to have access to Tesla's 12 000 superchargers in the U.S and Canada that's going to begin early next year and Shawna this is a big one for Ford because when you think about why drivers are still a little hesitant about shifting over to EVS it is about that infrastructure build out Tesla certainly has the strength on that front you're still going to need an adapter if you have a Ford EV right now but that access to the superchargers really allows Ford to say look we've got the infrastructure in place and maybe brings down the range anxiety a little more yeah I was going to say range anxiety is huge when it comes to EV adoption I think a lot of people are still hesitant to maybe purchase an EV given the fact that it's not so easy to find some of those charging stations so this new agreement here between Ford and Tesla looks like at least from the streets reaction it's a big win for both players involved it was also interesting about this chat that we did have on Twitter spaces yesterday between the two leaders was what Jim Farley had to say about Tesla he was very encouraging just in terms of the technology what Tesla has done with the EV space already and I mentioned that because Ford is really eyeing Tesla just in terms of the biggest competitor obviously within the EV Market we know Jim Farley has laid out plans for Ford to potentially produce 2 million EVS per year they want to overtake Tesla he's been very confident that they can overtake Tesla but he was also quick to point out the successes that Tesla has already had and does continue to have within the space you know I should point out Shawna there are some grumblings among Tesla drivers today on the back of this because they you know superchargers already have long lines depending on which city you're in now they're gonna have to share that with Ford but that does point to the growing demand for EVS as we transition here

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