Ford, GM, and, Tesla all warn on slowing EV demand (Video)

and of course as we talk about the transition to clean energy one theme for automakers this earning season is weakness in electric vehicles Yahoo finance senior Autos reporter PR super Manan here with the details and you know it's quite interesting that we have not been hearing a lot of super optimistic commentary about EV demand yeah you know it's funny just only a few months ago we saw or even this in Q3 we saw EV sales hting a Tipping Point here nearing 8% according to KBB a record 300,000 EV sold in Q3 but now uh cut to a few weeks later Ford GM even Tesla all warning about how the EV Market is sort of slowing down each with his own sort of concerns with with four they're pushing back around 12 billion dollars in EV Investments saying that buyers are unwilling to pay a premium for EVS over gas powered cars GM sort of echoing similar uh complaints or concerns uh talking about slower near-term demand for growth having them pause invest and like I said even Elon mus saying that you know higher rates here higher Finance costs he needs he says we need to make the cars cheaper in order for people to buy them and maybe perhaps right now they're not so you know what's sort of happening is that earlier adopters and people like that have already already spoken for and high prices are are kind of keeping middle class buyers a line share of buyers away from from EVS at this point uh some would say even politics are getting in the way but uh I think bottom line though Julie I don't think the E transformation is going away it's just going to take longer than what people thought in this current environment the cars are better for the for the environment better CO2 emissions obviously none easier to maintain offer better performance but we're just not seeing that uh uh that full trans transformation just yet it's just going to take more time to get there PR thank you so much for that have a great weekend thank you