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let's talk about Ford because those Shares are moving lower after second quarter results showed a Slowdown in its electric vehicles the automaker now expects full year losses in its Model E unit to hit four and a half billion dollars previously it saw losses of three billion dollars Ford Co Jim Farley saying in a statement that quote EV adoption will be a little slower than expected and in another blow to the company the national highway traffic safety administration said this morning Ford is recalling over 870 000 of its F-150 trucks due to risks with its electric parking brakes so it doesn't seem like that that is a huge issue but it's a high number of vehicles and it's their best-selling vehicle so something to keep in mind here what's so interesting to me here with Ford in this EV story is that effectively all of the EV makers not just Ford but Ford seems to be showing a lot of stress from this you know people don't want to spend as much on this stuff they might want electric vehicles but they don't want to pay okay what they see as overpay or two premium of a price for electric vehicles so that seems to be the Crux of the issue here everybody from Ford to Tesla is up against it but some of the automakers are managing it better than others yeah the the recall of course some of the big news this morning and coming off of the earnings one thing that really stuck out to me was this Pro Line of business too the the the margins that they're seeing in that part of the business and on a dollar basis at least kind of far out pacing what you're seeing across some of the model e and even the kind of uh the ice business that lingers as well you know all that considered I think there's a major opportunity for investors to continue to evaluate where some of the pro-market demand is here and where Ford can really accelerate for even within its EV business where some of the crossover between that Pro business is and where their advancements in electrifying the broader Fleet with regard to larger contracts that they're going to be able to take on could be in the future here yeah I mean that Pro is all well and good but you know people want to see this this big Eevee bet delivering and paying off and it's not happening here the company says it's still trying to make an eight percent return on battery-powered models um before interest in taxes in three and a half years but it didn't seem too convinced of that forecast and that's also something now that analyst investors are questioning I remember all the hype around the Ford Lightning I still want to I still want to try out a ride in the Ford Lightning they look cool the lightning the GM Hummer out there got to try them all Caribbean the rivian yes the uh R12 yeah all right well cool we'll take a ride this weekend

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