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I would have thought if they do decrease the price of FSD it should be radically lower meaning from 15,000 let's say to 7,000 or even $5,000 so that it really becomes one of those features where you say okay at this price I take it now because who knows how long it will still be purchasable at a fixed price so you do know that usually FSD you can't take it with you when you sell a car it belongs to the car not to the owner in my view FSD sooner or later will only be available on a monthly subscription basis and there will be these few cars I mean I know it's a couple of millions but not all of these millions have FSD that will have the FSD still inside and they will actually appreciate it value just because they have it so is 12,000 the right in initiative to do it or is 5,000 right I can't tell you and I'm not sure they know I think they're just trying prudently to see when will the take rate increase what they want obviously at the moment is more cars driving with it and allowing a last chance to those who want to purchase it and write this wave and have it without monthly subscription for years to come um rather than those that will soon or later go on a monthly subscription basis

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