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so the FSD drive by Elon that famous Friday evening was absolutely exciting I had the feeling you know it was one of those moonlanding moments where you were just Scotch to your screen and and watched it and couldn't believe it and listen to it live and listen to him explaining it so I I was absolutely astonished loved it I mean I have aesty but it's um you know it doesn't work the way I'm I'm still on a version that doesn't work the way his works and uh I'm also not yet 100% confident in it I'm just you know one of these old ladies that are still very prudent about it and seeing it there Master uh all these Maneuvers when it parked itself I just I mean we screaming here as if it was Christmas so I do believe that was a key moment in FSD and I do see it rolling out now the question now is will it roll out as a version 12 non beta version but still level two where no Authority has anything to say because the driver is still in charge or will this be the version that will allow Tesla to say okay okay we're taking the insurance risk on this doesn't need driver supervising anymore and then see and roll it out state by state maybe even City by City what do I know of you know how this will be roll out in the United States in China and eventually even in Europe and other countries so the I think the key moment was there still has a couple of improvements to make you probably remember that uh red light that it didn't didn't catch correctly um but then I think we're ready for for prime time

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