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what's good what's good welcome back to investing in trade with Jack so V2 is complete as you can see people are buying back in that sold before it came out so we're seeing a little bit of a pump currently seeing at .032 up seven percent on the day seeing my cap of 225. million 24 volume 285 million let's hop into the charts so a couple scenarios um the first one is that this Wave 4 is a little bit overshooting because if we take our fibration from the two down to the bottom of the three you can see we push all the way up to the golden ratio but we didn't break it and we broke right back down so there's still the potential that we could come down in the wave five I'll quickly give you uh Target for that just want to remove my fibs here so you would take a fib extension from the top of two to the bottom of three to the top of four and you would Target this 618 which is at 0.026 so that would be your target for the wave five but as I mentioned because of V2 there could be a pump and we could just move against Bitcoin if that were to be the case we were already in their tracement Zone I talked about that the bottom could be in at any time so then this five wave move would already have be complete and what I would look at is a leading diagonal wave one looking to come down to four or five complete the one pull back into two c continuation to the upside um I mentioned in my Discord that you did have the opportunity I hope you took advantage of the two cent range yes we can come back down into it but I was definitely scooping up a lot of Gala when it was sitting down here and um I hope you did too all right gang looking at the daily chart we pushed right up into the 20 EMA and that's where we're getting rejected crucial to get back above the EMAs to see that continuation to the upside if Bitcoin does put in that lower low that's when we could potentially come down in that way five to point zero two six uh before seeing this pullback being complete and seeing that large continuation to the upside and I believe our Wave 3 Target was around 28 cents we'll quickly measure it one more time before we wrap up this video um so let's go down to 0.026 yeah 25 cents 25 cents for the Wave 3 which is a juicy 700 gain um from I believe about 0.026 let's quickly measure it and then we'll say our goodbyes uh let's go to 0.026 869 almost 900 if we come down to 0.026 if not it's still an extremely succulent gain from the current price all right guys that's it for this one sign up to Bick it or buy but we're currently in a Bitcoin short which is in profits make your first deposit to one of these exchanges personally I use Bick it and um you'll have a 30-day free trial to my signals analysis crypto news member profits mahado all plays my analysis is uploaded pretty much daily I just gave two more trade signals um it's and if you want direct access it's only 10 bucks a month but if you make your first deposit one of these changes 30-day free trial over 2 000 members posting chart patterns um talking all things crypto all types of analysis here all those chat rooms are free completely free if you sign up to one of the exchanges and if you make your first deposit you get a 30-day free trial to my signals analysis smash the like button for the YouTube algorithm see you in the next video much love take care

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