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stock expert Gary black is buying Tesla shares and according to him this is not the time to give into distractions and noise in the Auto industry you know look if if I had a 100% conviction that they weren't going to cut price I would probably you know convinced my partner Dave kis that we should be taking tests up to the number one position but I'm not convinced of that Elon has shown this stubbornness that and to me it's like a a marketing toolkit he's got a market toolkit of stuff to increase volumes and whenever he gets stuck or whenever inventories get too high he relies on price and I use this his analogy it's kind of like a guy he's in a you know rut with his wife and every time he has a fight with her he buys her flowers well there's a lot of things you can do to make your wife you know happy with you but if you're always buying flowers after a while that becomes old and want to take a hard look at Tesla because this is s you know we had Bernstein note saying not can make the numbers yesterday we had Deutsche Bank saying not make the numbers and the stock hangs in what does that say it could mean that some of the higher growth High multiple stocks might be able to try and make a stand I've got Macy's tonight I've got PX tonight and Oshkosh and I refuse to be as negative because boy it was good to be negative two weeks ago now you you're with the crowd you're with the crowd so you're thinking of bucking the trend here I just feel like as I in my screet about Kimberly which is a company that I don't particularly love but they do have a name brand I think these companies their brands are worth something they're not just um play things that are being tortured by the ten Investment Banking and Financial Services Company Kord genuity recently reiterated their buy rating on Tesla stock with a $293 priz Target The Firm advised investors not to get too hung up on Tesla's latest delivery number as it is less than relevant in this quarter it is also been disclosing its optimism about the imminent release of the Tesla cyber truck it stated that a new product in the fourth quarter of this year could be a really good thing not to mention a UAW strike that could have positive implications too and a new Giga casting technology that could help with margins and an Optimus robot that appears to be coming alive all this makes Tesla seem like it's on a good path to unprecedented success the investment firm sent a clear message to all Tesla investors and that is to stay focused on the medium to longterm and ignore potential downside volatility in the Q3 delivery number because a lot of good stuff is happening at Tesla what more lies ahead for Tesla and its investors let's take a look kle annuity has previously reiterated a buy rating on Tesla but with a $275 price Target following the EV Maker's latest price Cuts analyst wrote in a note that Tesla has now cut prices five times since the beginning of 2023 globally alongside with the introduction of a cheaper base all-wheel drive model y variant which could utilize the the company's in-house 4680 sales this latest buy rating is therefore not a surprise but rather an indicator that investors should actually be taking advantage of this buy opportunity for Tesla stock hey guys welcome back to Tesla tomorrow earlier this year Morgan Stanley's analyst Adam Jonas noted that he anticipates a transformative year for the electric vehicle Market in 2023 adding that despite the challenges Tesla's scale and cost advantages positioned the automaker to extend its lead several analysts reacted to this with some citing macroeconomic and competitive headwinds in 2023 coupled with lower than expected profit margins for Tesla on the other hand investors like Dave Lee emphasize that Tesla possesses unmatched Leverage The evv Maker's aspiration goes far beyond just Regional shipping and it aims to leverage the manifold Market advantages Dave Lee is a perceptive analyst who previously revealed Tesla's multifaceted strategy and according to him Tesla's unwavering focus is distributed across four key sectors EVS full self-driving energy and AI he also claimed that Tesla is channeling Innovations from various technological domains including motor Electronics inverters powertrains and more into their products and this unwavering commitment to engineering Innovation promises incremental progress over the years for one Tesla's Head Start in self-driving technology plays a pivotal role in this strategy the automaker stands alone as the sole company relentlessly pursuing a fully AI based General driving solution and it's FSD software which is already steadily progressing towards full autonomy and it represents a pivotal moment in Tesla's ambitious Journey but before we continue though if you're liking this type of content hit that like button subscribe and turn on post notifications to keep up to date on everything going on with Tesla while Tesla's press in the realm of EVs and full self-driving is well known and widely celebrated it's essential to shed light on their less eliminated ventures in energy and AI which have tremendous potential waiting to be unlocked Tesla's for into the energy sector exemplified by their solar business yielded an impressive $81 million in Revenue in 2021 this segment encompassing solar technology power wall storage devices and the formidable mega pack has only scratched the surface of its potential hint at lucrative prospects on the horizon in fact stock expert Gary black forecast that Tesla energy is poised to generate an astounding $20 billion in revenue and an impressive $8 billion in gross profit by the year 2023 this Revelation unveils an underappreciated Catalyst with the potential to significantly impact Tesla's Financial landscape the automaker focus on exponential Technologies like high-speed charging systems and advanced batteries L the foundations for a dynamic future marked by Innovation driven transformation but what about its cars well Tesla's electric vehicles although already dominating the market do continue to evolve and the automaker's commitment to revamping the Interiors of its cars striving for a modern and simplistic design all positions Tesla to be ahead of the competition for instance Tesla's renowned shangai plan has undertaken a comprehensive optimization of the model wise suspension system with the aim of ensuring a smoother and more stable ride likewise the upcoming 2024 Tesla Model 3 is slated to offer enhanced drivetrain performance delivering a boost in electrical horsepower no doubt there's been quite a bit of a delay with Tesla's projects particularly its next Generation EV however we think there are reasons for this deliberate Pace in releasing Tesla's nextg vehicle in fact according to Martin vieta The Firm has been championing a Next Generation EV which will probably be the Tesla Model 2 for almost 3 years now it posits that this is a well-crafted ad campaign to educate non owners about the benefits of EVS over IC with Tesla as a product hero it would go much further than reducing car prices it also pointed out that the Street's current delivery estimates for Tesla from 2023 to 2024 are now below where they started the year PRI to any price Cuts so just maybe a cheaper New Generation car could be the thing that changes Tesla's story in terms of delivery then there's also the robo taxi and semi Robo taxi Concepts represent an ingenious Avenue for Market expansion it opens doors to individuals who might not be able to afford to own their own car but can still become a part of the Tesla ecosystem redefining the concept of Mobility similarly the groundbreaking Tesla semi is primed to revolutionize the shipping industry offering a cost-efficient electric vehicle alternative it's not just about lowering fuel costs anymore it's also about eliminating human labor expenses to make it TS One of a Kind Tesla aims to achieve excellence in safety cost efficiency Battery Technology and reliability the upcoming Tesla Model will not only be a technological Marvel but it will also be affordable and accessible to a wider audience according to Tesla's CEO Elon Musk he envisions a vast Market potential for Tesla prioritizing accessibility and affordability over mere profit maximization and as Tesla continues to lower its prices it will expand its total addressable Market encompassing even more extensive customer bases how much do you think Tesla will be worth 5 years from now let us know and let us know your valuation of Tesla Down Below in the comments and if you want to know more about what Tesla has been up to over the last few days go ahead and click on this next video on your screen see you there

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