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car dealers appear increasingly concerned over GM's decision to phase out smartphone mirroring software like carplay from its Vehicles Yahoo finances prose supermanian has this story for us and frost why are we seeing some concern here over the move that we knew was coming from GM yeah well I guess now uh we're hearing that some some dealers are kind of concerned that that buyers may not they may balk at GM products here because uh what GM wants to do is they want to introduce their new kind of infotainment system in their newest EV starting the blaze review coming out this fall so um the Free Press Detroit Free Press spoke to some dealers and they talk about how if car play ain't broke why are you fixing it why are we doing this why are we kind of making this big change for these new props coming out that are a big deal compared to the Ford Mustang Maki and cars like that KIA ev6s in the world uh there's a big concern there as this change happening why are they making these changes with a very popular product I mean Apple said Apple says that about 80 percent of users want car play in their car considered report sets more on 55 60 users love carplay they don't want to not have it so this is kind of a conundrum for GM as to why they're doing I mean we get it why it's because they want to get to add-on subscription fees new Services new data they can get in uh versus giving up to Apple so that's sort of why they're doing it but it might backfire on them and Brad you've written about this before about these additional sources of revenue specifically look at subscription models I mean how does GM's action stack up against what we've seen from some of their other competitors so you know we spoke to Ford at their Capital markets today and they they're telling making a software defined vehicle one that kind of runs on one single OS and you can they can of course then update via the Via over-the-air updates they can add uh apps to it that people will actually subscribe to so it's not unheard of but what Ford's not doing is getting into carplay the the Ford Co Jim probably said that our users want carplay we're not going to get rid of it we can't do better than what Apple's doing so they're gonna they're gonna keep that and competitors like Ikea Hyundai's of the world they are sticking with carplay Mercedes BMW also in a car place so you can see that GM is potentially out there on an island along with Tesla rivian but those two actually have a more developed ecosystem for their EV products see whether or not her sales of the GM vehicles here coming up right across thanks

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