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GM has now agreed in writing to place their electric battery manufacturing under our national Master agreement Tesla cutting prices again seriously again again they keep on rinse repeating this time they are slashing prices for it's model 3 and model Y and that's where these price Cuts make even more of a difference on on on first blush you're like o maybe it's a demand problem but I think you're totally right it's he can do it like he can undercut the competitors and particularly the ones in the US he can he can do it Tesla is cutting the prices of its model 3 and model y vehicles in the US they did lower their price of their model 3 rear wheel drive to around $39,000 from $40,000 they also did reduce their prices on their model 3 long range and performance versions as well the price for the model y longrange vehicle was also reduced to around 49,500 that's from around 50,500 the price of the model y performance C was also slashed this is all according to the company's website I think this is a great win for consumers the fact that we're only seeing prices go up in every other aspect of Our Lives except for Tesla is more affordable than ever before especially with that $7,500 tax credit but angry shortsighted Tesla stock investors finally rejoice as today Tesla spends millions of dollars getting spots on Bloomberg Yahoo finance and even the Schwab Network to explain to viewers how affordable and compelling their electric vehicles really are obviously this is of course in line with Tesla's to accelerate their short-term profits so it's about time but oh hang on sorry producers in my ear fact check hang uh well it's true Tesla did in fact have about 10 minutes of air time across those three networks today explaining how compelling and affordable their electric vehicles are but oh there's a butt hang on oh they didn't have to spend a scent hm we'll have to talk more about this jez I'm glad I got fact checked that could have been awkward spreading disinformation who am I the US government pharmaceutical better not even say that anyway anyway plus GM has officially agreed to let the UAW kill them you did a marry want more content Early Access bunch of perks click the links in the pin comment GM has now agreed in writing to place their electric battery manufacturing under our national Master agreement we've been told for months that this is impossible we've been told the EV future must be a race to the bottom and now we we've called their Bluff what this will mean for our membership cannot be understated this is officially the beginning of the end for GM of course we saw this coming but holy dude this is bad to summarize in the interest of brevity in essence what GM has essentially done he said have your way with me Daddy I'm all yours don't be gentle I can take it whatever you want to do I'm all yours of course this will ultimately end in an unintentional homicide in the bedroom you know choke a bit too hard it anyway um the point is GM now this was a really poor move on their part but Mary be bar is looking for her golden parachute within 5 years goinging T you oh I it's not my fault I did a great job being on the verge of bankruptcy I had nothing to do with that so she doesn't give a and Shan F doesn't give a either he's either a or malicious perhaps both this will accelerate the bankruptcy of General Motors now I just want to take a moment if you guys didn't notice the shirt that this politician in Union president clo was wearing Eat the Rich what the I don't know what that is that's a massive virtue signal now in case of you folks are unaware people with low verbal intelligence are often taken in by little slogans like this they only think one layer deep oh yeah Eat the Rich the rich cuz I'm not one of them sounds good on paper right but when you actually think deep enough about these issues you discover it's not that simple this is one of those taglines that appeals to the lowest common denominator and I do mean that one end of the Bel oh yeah eat theu those guys here's a problem the you W members are all on Six Figure compensation okay six figures now if you're struggling to make ends meet and you're earning six figures in comp mid to high six figures in many cases for all UAW members here's the hard truth you have up you are financially illiterate and or just completely financially brain dead now of course there's exceptions I know sometimes the a fan but for somebody to be struggling and for themselves not to be on the path to becoming very wealthy over the long term on six figures of compensation you have a bad plan bro these are the facts so why would sha Fain be wearing a shirt that says Eat the Rich spoiler alert because he's a politician and he's pandering to the lowest common denominator a bunch of union members who despite their six figures of compensation are living paycheck to paycheck because they're financially illiterate that's I could barely even pay my bills and keep upgrading my television every year and a half this this is man and guess what it's going to work he's going to get a lot of support from morons these are the facts they're going to believe that he's doing what's in their best interest interest they're going to jump aboard yeah Eat the Rich and when these companies go bankrupt a few years from now and those folks who previously had six figures of compensation now have zero figures of compensation cuz they're out of a job they'll be none the wiser and they won't realize that sha Fain and the UAW had anything to do with their employer going bust anyone else know any politicians out there who like three-word slogans to do with the rich depanda to people with low verbal intelligence and or just low intelligence in general yeah no neither do I and now back relax and enjoy as we see Tesla running ads across three Finance oh wait I forgot the fact yeah sorry uh is Tesla receiving 10 minutes of free advertising across three Finance media Outlets today explaining how affordable and compelling their electric vehicles are let's also talk about shares of Tesla this morning they are on the Move in extended hours as the car manufacturer sees shares decline by about 2.4% they are changing their prices for it checks notes the sixth time this year this time they are slashing prices for its model 3 and model y this morning earlier this week the company missed Market estimates for its third quarter deliveries after upgrades to its factories forced production to come to a standstill there you're taking a look at shares as we mentioned here but again we talked about the price Wars earlier this week especially when we were getting some of the production the delivery numbers pretty much around the globe from EV manufacturers and non manufacturers but what automobile company isn't talking about EV manufacturing at this point in time but all this considered Tesla trying to make sure that it not only retains the market share that it's been able to amass in the EV landscape EV still represent less than 10% of the auto purchasing so so I mean you guys notice on screen Yahoo literally showing the price changes including what they were and what they now are in the United States on screen I mean Hello free advertising right oh wait you want we' prefer Tesla to pay to tell people the same things okay good point yeah fair enough makes a lot of sense even as you see mandates start to be put in place in certain regions around the world China most notably one of those entity or one of those Nations that has instituted this and that increases year-over-year Tesla is not only trying to get people into their ecosystem but trying to maintain them there and that's where these price Cuts make even more of a difference in just trying to get people into it so that you can eventually get into a relationship with that customer of a tradein trade up perhaps long term yeah and I think Tesla is evident in the delivery numbers that they reported earlier this week they potentially needed to price Cuts even further in order to boost demands she didn't well actually she did apparently it's evident from Tesla's rent quarterly production delivery numbers which were less than last quarter why not because of a lack of demand they don't have a huge buildup of inventory no because they had planed Factory shutdowns the Tesla needed to cut prices cut prices by about 15 to 20% on some models but they still fell significantly short of the earlier in the year volume expectations that we had that we heard laid out here from Tesla in in terms of the pressure that this could put on margins obviously a huge issue on the street JP Morgan out with a note earlier this week ahead of these price cuts that were just getting today saying that the large declines in average selling price has exacerbated the impact that we're seeing on the volume shortfall on all other performance metric so certainly a focal point of the straight when we talk about the margins Under Pressure now many analysts have said that a short-term pain for long-term game and as long as they continue to somehow hold the market share that they do have in the EV business are able to hold off some of the competitors out there you mentioned the fact that almost every Auto giant is talking about EVs and you're right they're all trying to figure out how they could push further into the EV business win some of that market share there from Tesla who's by far the leader in this space so Tesla doing all it can in order to preserve some of that market share being forced to Discount uh models even more we'll see whether or not it moves in needles in terms of demand yeah and and you know just coming full circle on the pricing here I mean you look at the three and the Y here that is a car that is essentially for the Y 75% of the model Y is the model 3 so production um efficiency is there it's just a matter of okay where are consumers opting into not just the base but also adding on some of these extra packages too and I think that that's where Tesla is looking perhaps for some of the charges if we can make sure that the base cost is lower then how can we make sure that we're correctly marketing some of the higher performance packages so in case you didn't get the message or weren't watching on screen apparently the base price of Tesla's vehicles are very very very affordable which is true oh is that what they meant by their mission of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy as opposed to accelerating short-term profits and maximizing the potential profit per vehicle sold by advertising which by the way is certainly an effective way of reaching people but has nothing to do with T's Mission what's more in line with tesas Mission maximizing gross Automotive margins on their vehicles by using advertising or wait for it making their vehicles as compelling and affordable as possible which of those is more in line with their mission oh you thought their mission was to line your pockets over the short term oh I see well if ever in doubt as to why Tesla would do or not do something please refer to their mission statement it will generally answer every question you have anyway let's watch the next Tesla commercial this time on Bloomberg wonder how much they spend for this one Tesla cutting prices again seriously again again they keep on rinse repeating and I'm rinse repeating your outfit so thank you for letting me be coordinator today it's interesting isn't it that we're seeing in this fight versus inflation in this fight against a consumer that we're concerned about slowing down purchases once again ELO musk just signals he is not worried about taking profitability down to keep the sales being void and basically it's because they're able to produce more there's less of a supply chain ansted around the chips they're able to having slowed down production in the third quarter that cause Everyone by surprise only pumping out what 435,000 cars they're now managing to ramp up manag to dial down the price and what was seeing about1 and A4 of ,000 taken off some of the lower Range model 3es and model wise higher range you're seeing about 2 and a/4 th000 knocked off so I definitely like the fact that in this commercial for Tesla in this advertising campaign they're explicitly explaining exactly how much has been cut off the price of each of their vehicles so consumers know this is very good very clear messaging I like it carine is this a reaction to higher rates I imagine that a lot of people buy these cars on credit and the cost of that credit is going up I'm wondering if the price cut is commen your with the increase in the cost of financing well Elon Musk definitely has warned that the macro environment he's not afraid to go out there and say look if you keep on hiking up rates this is going to be a significant impact on Corporate America so maybe that is him signaling that he has to keep on taking down the price point this is also though a competitive space we've just seen byd over in China almost neck and neck in terms of the amount of cars that they're producing now I think they produced 430,000 in the third quarter and and ELO managed to pump out 4 35,000 so I think this is also just a competitive landscape for EVS and he's having to show look that I can actually beat you when it comes to the amount that I produce and therefore the amount of profit that I'm able to just siphon off it's also interesting guy that of course Elon Musk will come out and say look the way that I can prop up my profitability going forward is when you get your software upgrades I can charge you more for that but of course that comes down to some autonomous driving as well yeah you know what's so interesting is that on on on first blush you're like o maybe it's a demand problem but I think you're totally right it's he can do it like he can undercut the competitors and particularly the ones in the US he can he can do it at all did she just suggest that tesra is cutting prices from a position of strength because they have industry leading profit margins and the Tesla doesn't exist in a vacuum meaning that they cut prices and others in the landscape on Earth selling Vehicles two consumers will also need to follow suit should they also wish to continue selling vehicles she did just say that but not in those exact words she's right he can do it as in Tesla can cut prices because they do have industry leading profit margins and it just stuns me but bro just in case you forgot Tesla does not exist in a vacuum they are dictating terms in the entire automotive industry and as I said trillions of times in a row still people just don't get it there are very few companies on the planet and zero outside of China beside Tesla making any money selling electric vehicles most of them are losing tens of thousands of dollars per vehicle sold and even in China rais within profit margins we heard recently byd close to Tesla in number of electric vehicles sold yet making a fra of the profit the tesar is so if tesar keeps driving prices down and forcing others to follow and others make very little money before having to chase Tesla prices down lower or Worse lose a lot of money before having to chase prices lower what happens to these other companies oh no it's a good point Sten that's what you mean when you say Tesla doesn't exist in a vacuum that's a that's an interesting thing to ponder might think about that a little bit it's interesting isn't it also shows that he can also change the price on Monday and actually raise prices but the idea that like I can just make these chars cars cheaper and I can deliver them therefore thus this is a new model and in such an incremental manner I mean it feels like every week if not every day I think it was only a couple of days ago he stripped down some of the price point on the new extended Range model y so we're already seeing that he sort of just does it on a daily whim as you say notably we have to see how it responds to the demand so interesting so many people are talking to me now about the fact that AI is going to allow Dynamic pricing in in so many different areas and you do wonder whether or not this is effectively Dynamic pricing we're not getting demand we'll drop the price demand comes up we'll raise the price I wonder how Dynamic this pricing model ultimately could become if it isn't already obvious Tesla will continue to adjust pricing in whichever direction is necessary to ensure that a they can sell every vehicle they make and B can do so without consumers having to wait an unreasonably long time to take delivery off their vehicles it's as simple as that and now onto the third commercial Tes R today in the finance media wait what the f is this doing on my screen what hey producer what are you doing you why do we have Elon Musk profile on X on the screen I don't understand is it 159 million followers what's the population of Australia like 22 million 23 million wait what what is this got to do with anything I need all right you're fired we need a new producer by the way as I record this 66,000 people currently tuned in to watch Elon who doesn't know anything about anything especially attention and marketing and advertising and selling products and Engineering in fact the internet and social media and people just literally knows nothing he currently streaming some more Diablo 4 I'm guess he's doing another tier 100 nightmare dungeon what an absolute monster wonder how many people would tune in if Mary bar or Jim FY stream themselves playing Diablo 4 probably less than 66,000 viewers all right guys sorry about that just had to fire my shitty producer who's now unemployed maybe go work at GM or something I'm sure there's a lot of job security over there I've hired somebody new so let's get to Tesla's third commercial today in the finance media what the hell is this Google Trends search interest for Tesla worldwide over time what what H this is a weird commercial to run I don't what why would Tesla spend money to put this on the I don't know what what's going on here my producers up again haven't they this isn't the actual commercial what is this Z Point like what that there's an exponential increase in the number of people searching for Tesla on the interwebs despite the fact that they haven't done any paid advertising until recently on a very small online campaign of Google ads what what's the point make products so good they sell themselves and every one Tesla you sell ends up selling more Teslas cuz everyone Rants and Raves about the products and I mean it does kind of look like an exponential increase in people searching for the company despite no paid advertising during this time Horizon anyway I don't know what the point is there I think I might have to fire this producer too that's definitely not the commercial I meant to show but it's something to ponder isn't it host next gen is looking at stock down 2% this morning uh price Cuts back again and of course folks can debate this uh whether or not Mr musk is happy to do this or forced to do it but either way Tesla's down 2% right now yeah we did see all of the Magnificent Sev slip lower after the jobs data we're just is now seeing some weakness so we are seeing some of these big Tech names lower but there is Tesla specific news of course seems like that's pretty much the daily story here Tesla is cutting the prices of its model 3 and model y vehicles in the US they did lower their price of their model 3 rear wheeel drive to around $39,000 from $40,000 they also did reduce their prices on their model 3 long range and performance versions as well the price for the model y longrange vehicle was also reduced to around 49,500 that's from around 50,500 the price of the model y performance card was also slashed this is all according to the company's website once again an excellent example of straightforward paid advertising just explicitly State the exact starting prices for each vehicle be very clear tell consumers exactly what they cost today because that's a big problem consumers are not educated about how affordable Teslas are no fluff no B just yep tell people how cheap your vehicles are wonder how much they spend on this ad oh wait that's right it's not an ad well it is an ad but they didn't pay for for it hm how convenient now I know what a few of you are thinking right now but Steven don't you understand not everybody watches the finance media so Tesla's not reaching a wide enough audience and my answer to that would be I know not everyone watches a finance media and did you know that Tesla doesn't also produce 100 million vehicles per year and they're not trying to sell 100 million vehicles per year currently meaning that until they stop selling every vehicle they produce without doing huge amounts of appetizing what's a problem but Sten they could charge more money and make more profits if they advertise to people don't you understand how advertising Works St that may be true but what was their mission again do it make more money over the short term or to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy which obviously a necessary part of that process is to make their vehicles better and cheaper this does come after those lackluster delivery figures we got earlier this week they did deliver around 435,000 cars in the third quarter this Miss consensus calling for around 455,000 the Miss they said was driven in part due to some of the plant shutdowns to upgrade their overall Factory so we did see some selling in reaction but I don't think that necessarily paints a proper picture of what Tesla has done this week we've seen all of the auto companies lower with the exception being Tesla I know they're down today obviously but into today's open we were up 4% this week so I mean this name has fared has been a volatile storm in the automotive space quite well this week we do also know that Elon Musk has been pretty transparent that he is chasing volume over margins as far as growth goes this year so analysts did react it's seeing that this could help boost their sales but then there is the thought naturally what does this mean for their margins it's been the story all year long Oliver so Goldman Sachs did warn last month that further price cuts to some of their vehicles specifically their higher end Vehicles their X and their s models could drive down the average selling prices Tesla has released a model 3 vehicle with a higher price point in both Europe and China but then not in North America so it does Remain the question then what does this look like now going forward I think this is a great win for consumers the fact that we're only seeing prices go up in every other aspect of Our Lives except for Tesla more affordable than ever before especially with that $7,500 tax credit glad to see that Tesla also in this advertisement included the $7,500 tax credit just mentioning that so people realized that maybe even the starting prices you might be able to get it for $7,500 less than that jeez I've ticked all the boxes in these ads here's the starting prices here's every vehicle model here's why they're cheaper hey look everything else in your life is getting more expensive but not A tes by the way did you know about the $7,500 tax credit 10 out of 10 but I feel like it's forgotten that Tesla is still one of the best performers this year it's up 110% at least through obviously prior to today's open so still up 100% this year and it's like the Bears want to be so loud when the rest of the market is sort of crumbling yeah Tesla holding on to uh the uptrend off the lows still even with today's decline 250 still holding and to your point about volume I really think that's what it's all about the quicker you get somebody into a Tesla the longer you lock them in or lock them out of Ford or General Motors or any other uh vehicle and I feel like Mr musk smells blood in the water with all of the strife and now recalls of airbags by GM the labor push back I mean seems like a clear opportunity to really pounce and uh cement your leadership thanks Jenny Shar is doing okay this morning but still down for what it's worth Tesla's stock did actually close up today but was down early on so what do you guys and girls think of Tesla's three commercials today I thought they were great about 10 minutes of air time very explicit and clear in the pricing the starting prices very detailed here's what you get the value for money mention of the $7,500 tax credit as a t a stock investor who really cares about short-term profits I couldn't have asked for anything more want more content Early Access ACC bunch of perks click the links in the pin comment athet greens ag1 has given me a massive meaningful boost in energy allowing me to do a lot more every day including using my brain more and using my body more I highly recommend you guys and girls check it out athletic greens ag1 is an excellent way to fill in nutritional gaps it's got 75 high quality vitamins minerals and Whole Food Source nutrients plus prebiotics and probiotics and digestive enzymes and adaptogens to help you deal with stress plus if you click the link in the pin comment or head to drink a1.com smmr you can get yourself a 1-year free supply of vitamin D and K2 but don't take my word for it here's what some of you guys and girls have to say ag1 has changed my life I was as you described treating myself like a circus ate like trash rarely exercised use alcohol as a stress crutch cannabis also ag1 is what gave me the kick in the ass got me back to the gym motivated me to do more for myself family my business Etc keep doing what you do now I know there's some Skeptics the same kind of people who think El musk is a fraud reading this gun what do you thought there's no way that's possible bro it must be a placebo effect believe it or not this is a recurring theme if you give your body everything it needs to feel and perform its best including having a lot more energy you'll need ways to use that energy for me personally that includes more exercise moving my body more more social activity and more cognitively demanding tasks including producing a fuckon of exclusive content over on Twitter and on patreon plus my daily YouTube uploads the proofs in the pudding onto another testimonial from a viewer of this channel SMR you asked me to provide feedback on ag1 here it is it has helped with mental acuity stamina and intestinal Waste Management uh can't R turn the lines certainly helps with regularity and digestion that's what the digestive enzymes are for it is also dramatically reduce my cravings for sugar you guys need to stop eating sugar it's poison I'm 50 59 and overweight AKA a fat I think that's a technical term for overweight isn't it is it fat or obese I can't remember I average 100 hours a week in the west Texas oil fields as a safety supervisor Jesus Christ dude no wonder you're struggling to keep your weight under control 100 hours a week brutal it has helped me lose weight it is not an appetite suppressant it can help fat people suppress cravings and motivation to be healthier is critical for changing your diet love you brother again this is a great point it's something people really don't seem to grasp if you have more energy everything becomes easier it's like turning on easy mode for Life few years ago before I was taken ag1 my health was trash I was struggling to get through the day had afternoon fatigue the last thing I wanted to do was either use my brain or move my body didn't have the energy now my biggest struggle every day is figuring out ways to use that energy I'm exercising way more doing a lot more with my friends and family and of course my work output has increased substantially and you can fact check me check out the average length of my videos I was posting on YouTube 3 years ago need I say more and one final testimonial love this one okay here's the deal for me with this ag1 I'm 41 years old and not the type to eat drink smoke or sleep healthy so I was skeptical that being said here's what I experienced day one me day two afternoon fatigue was about 45 minutes late day three zero afternoon fatigue day four zero afternoon fatigue plus extra energy day five again zero afternoon fatigue plus energy wondering what the fu really see this is the thing right the results for many people are just almost too good to be true this this is the same experience I had my afternoon fatigue just vanished out of nowhere wait what the why am I not tired in the afternoons anymore surely it's not that ag1 is it turns out it was day six and seven same thing day eight same thing plus I had the want to get things done around the house that I normally would slack off and not get done again the Point extra energy you'll need to use it you'll find ways to use it day 9 10 and 11 and today is day 12 I love it so however you manage to get me to buy it I'm so glad you did thank you so much SMR it really changed me so far guys this really works just try it by the way this is the reason I continue to relentlessly promote ag1 a lot of people get realing mad in the comments oh my God snake all Sone sold out oh my God he's a scammer this is fraud but constantly I'm pretty sure everyone making these comments is also currently short Tesla stock I'm not particularly concerned about people having a negative perception those folks suffering from small brain syndrome still living in my bum's basement syndrome Etc writing mean comments claiming a1's a scam or it doesn't work I mean bro when I get feedback like this this is what keeps me going and remember there is a 90-day money P guarantee there's nothing to lose here just try this stuff for a month and if you don't get these results get your money back see it's a literal no-brainer it's an IQ test at this point in time testimonial after testimonial after testimonial like this get your money back if it doesn't just try it for a month and if it doesn't work get your money back today's the day it's finally time be like this guy who was a massive skeptic but finally after a thousand promotions in a row caved in tried ag1 and has results like this head to drink a1.com smmr or click the link at the pin comment and please let me know how you're feeling in a few weeks time now if you'll excuse me time to put my extra energy to good use I'll be recording some more exclusive content for patreon and my Twitter subscribers so click the links and pin comment see you over on Twitter and or patreon and don't forget to grab your ag1 love you

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