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well Tesla's charging Network facing new competition is seven car makers joined forces to create a new high-powered charging Network here with the details we have Yahoo finances Pros supermania uh this is an interesting Alliance that also includes those who have aligned themselves with Tesla before yeah yeah so seven automakers like you said BMW GM Honda Hyundai Kia Mercedes-Benz and solantis joining this sort of joint venture to spend uh close to a billion dollars with the journals reporting uh on a 30 000 plug Network across North America uh interestingly it will include both the CCS which is a standard connector and the nacs which is Tesla's uh de facto or almost going to be the de facto stand in the U.S that's sort of what people are thinking but this is a way to for the automakers like GM and also Mercedes and also being able to kind of strike their own path and sort of have their own destiny in the charging world uh they want to try to actually kind of have a competitor to Tesla but also they'll use that that standard and they need to use that standard because they need to actually get some money to build out this network and that's how you do that is by being open source in some sense

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