Govt Ensuring Level-Playing Field For EVS, Tough Govt-Tesla Negotiations Underway (Video)

the finance ministry is not considering any Duty waivers for the U.S automaker Tesla according to revenue secretary Sanjay Malhotra Duty waiver is not under consideration by the government as business today TV reported yesterday Tesla is discussing an investment in India to produce 500 000 EVS a year Tesla is reportedly considering India as an export base for the indo-pacific region and as a hedge to China my colleague Karishma sadani has more on these Duty waivers which have actively been pursued by Tesla but right officials from the Ministry of Finance Revenue Department have in fact confirmed to business to do television the government right now is not considering or taking up any proposal on discussion of waving of custom duty on uh on Tesla or manufacturing of Tesla in India in fact government is more keen on the fact that Tesla should try and align with the Atman Bharat or make in India initiative by setting up a local manufacturing plant or tying up with one of the Indian companies in order to find roadways Tesla has been complaining of the higher import duties and has been in discussion with the Indian government on a way out in fact the Tesla chief that is Elon Musk also met prime minister Narendra Modi on his visit to the United States of America last month and they also discussed about the future of investments in India especially in terms of the trick Vehicles Tesla is in conversation with the ministry of Commerce and Industry and they are trying to find a way out to make inroads for the company and also in a way that will stand Justified for the Indian market thanks Karishma if you like the video do like comment share and subscribe