Gravitas: Tesla is selling Cybertruck-themed cat beds in China (Video)

if you are a cat lover our next story is for you there is the new Cyber truck themed cat bed that is being sold in China you heard that right it's priced at around 12 it's made of moisture resistant cardboard and it comes with a built-in scratch board who is selling it and why our next report answers those questions the internet is home to many strange things products for just about any function or purpose here's a new entrant a cyber truck themed cat bed made entirely of cardboard its official name is the Cyber truck multifunctional corrugated cat litter guess who's selling it Tesla yes this product is part of Elon musk's company merchandise it apparently mimics the design aesthetic of Tesla's cyber truck a bulletproof electric vehicle which is designed to look like a cross between a pickup truck and a stealth fighter jet the vehicle has divided opinions perhaps this cyber truck cat house can boost its sales but the thing is this product is only being sold in China so far why is that no one knows or perhaps we do given how China's Tesla's second largest market if we speak of the product it has a weak capacity of around 15 kilograms so it can even support heftier cats it is priced at around 89 Chinese Yuan or approximately 12 it's made of moisture resistant cardboard and comes complete with a built-in scratch board now here's the thing Tesla's Venture into the realm of quirky merchandise is not new the company has a history of introducing unrelated products alongside its core electric vehicle offerings for instance take the Tesla tequila a premium liquor with a price tag of 420 dollars per bottle or this cyber whistle made of stainless steel which can only be purchased with Dodge Coin besides this other offbeat items in Tesla's catalog include this 100 Giga Texas belt buckle adorned with the phrase don't mess with Tesla a 60 Tesla umbrella and a 70 Tesla Branding Iron it doesn't end there Elon musk's pawnshop for unconventional products goes beyond Tesla in 2018 the boring company musk's Tunnel construction public transit Enterprise started selling flamethrowers worth five hundred dollars all of them swiftly sold out we wonder what Elon Musk plans to sell next Bureau report we on well this one we are now available in your country download the app now get all the updates on the move