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foreign [Music] celebrating its 20th birthday and what a right it has been let's have a look at the stock for you just expanding this view really because Tesla has had such a roller coaster ride and for those of you who are invested in this stock I'm sure you want to see the quarter View because back in 2008 Tesla unveiled its first Roadster followed by the model S and then the model X SUV which launched in 2015 and then the model Y and of course the controversial cyber truck cut the long story short Tesla has become synonymous with electric vehicles but that could all soon change a tidal wave of EVS are coming to Market in the next few years and many outlets have won there won't be enough demand to soak up all this Supply China alone has 100 vehicle Brands fighting for sales and a 50 percent capacity utilization rate says GM's boss Mary Barra so where is the salad dressing well all this means is that there will be a drive down of prices so a discount wall ahead for Tesla which is why the company is looking to solidify its foothold in the Eevee charging infrastructure space tells us EV charging technology is being put on a fast track to become a US Standard and as they say if you control the language you control the masses oh [Music]

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