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foreign [Music] video about Harmony One um my view is still that we rallied off the December in a wave one and we came down in the W moved up in an X wave and we’re now coming down in a y wave um we established in previous videos a support range for the y-wave and that is 0.01167 and 0.013719 US dollars so between the 88.7 flip level and the 78.6 flip level the current structure suggests that in the Y wave we are working on an ABC structure now it’s magically completely disappeared that’s back now um an A B C structure and that we are in the C wave now and in the C wave we’re looking at a wave one a wave two a Wave 3 away 4 and away five we’ve reached resistance now in the previous video we documented and defined this resistance area for a fourth wave between the 38.2 flip level and the 50 flip level the 38.2 flip level is the ideal Target for such a fourth wave appears that this fourth wave was created as a flat pattern basically a an expanded flat as it seems so we had a nice let me make that a bit larger a nice three-wave move in an a-wave a b wave overshooting to the downside always indication that a flat pattern is emerging and then a c wave which went slightly above the a wave high that could be finished now I don’t have strong evidence but it appears that top could be in or a top is near and either here at 0.01697 or at 0.01752 we should turn around and then break down in the fifth wave with uh well basically targeting the orange area um if we take a look because obviously now with the knowledge with the Assumption a top could be in we can take also the length of the wave one go to the high of the wave four to I to to identify a possible Target because the typical Target is the way five equals wave one in length and that would take us perfectly here to 0.01359 which is the 100 extension which is basically in The Orange Box so there’s good overlap there good Confluence um can’t rule out that we push a little higher and really only above 0.015 0.01752 we have to consider something bullish and that maybe we’ve bottomed already yeah this is of course an option um but at the moment price structure to the upside appears to be corrective so I’m still looking for ideally one more low okay that’s my update about Harmony One I hope you like the update if you did please hit the like button leave a comment and subscribe and if you really like the content then please check out the channel membership thanks a lot for watching bye bye [Music]

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