HBAR Hedera Hashgraph Crypto Price News Today – Price Prediction and Technical Analysis! (Video)

foreign [Music] is currently doing what it's supposed to be doing in this current wave structure we're waiting for the Wave 2 correction to end ideally it does not break below 4.92 cents because below that level while we have another bullish support level left at 4.3 cents this is not reliable anymore a reliable one anymore ideally we are holding these 78.6 retracement actually I need to bring that over here to indicate we are in support I also will take out the 50 retracement here on this one um because we already are lower otherwise we have a massive box I just wanted to show on this chart the 88.7 flip level as well because there is a chance that we will touch it so this is the relevant support area for the Wave 2 goes down all the way to 4.3 cents but again the 4.9 level is the last bullish reliable support level um and at the moment as forecasts that we're probably working here on the way for it could be this carries on for a little while now we might really be touching that trend line here um at the moment the move up looks corrective so at the moment for me suggestion is still that we get one more low ideally we don't break below 4.9 cents though so bear in mind you know we are now in support for the Wave 2 it is allowed to turn around at any time uh just because I say another low is at this stage likely doesn't mean we need to get one that is a mistake many people make they just wait for that last low um I just I'm not telling you to buy now whatever I'm just saying that you know markets can do anything and more important than the subwave count on a chart trying to understand the subway structures is really to understand how low can price go what are the key invalidation points what are the turning points and this is an area where price can reverse from a third wave from a second wave into a third wave um it could do that already now but at the moment there is just literally no signal it's doing that we have overlapping price action to the upside very corrective very weak and it just suggests another low at this stage right and if we get one then the 4.9 Cent level would be the next obvious level of support literally all the way five needs to do is to go below the third wave low which was at four point well which was basically at five cents okay um after that ideally we get a third wave rally to the upside that could take us um certainly Above That Swing High here of 7.8 cents that's the B wave High um but ultimately first of all it's just updating the chart for some reason um But ultimately what we need to do is to have an indication of what we need to see to have an indication that a low is already in we need to see a break out of that corrective price channel that is the first indication okay and then it needs to break above 6.5 cents bear in mind that all of this is a trend reversal area relevant for this wave too so the Wave 2 can use all of these FIP levels and lower level price action suggests at this stage one more low if things change I will of course let you know I hope you like the update if you did please hit the like button leave a comment and subscribe and if you really like the content then please check out the channel membership thanks a lot for watching bye [Music] thank you