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I have my eyes on Tesla shares all day today a big partnership with Hilton they're going to be bringing those Tesla superchargers to Hilton over 20 000 Chargers are going to be at different Hilton Brands and they're going to connect over 2000 sorry 2 000 Chargers and you can install 20 000 Chargers total interesting partnership when you think about what this means for Hill there you go there's the full metrics there's two thousand hotels it's 20 000 Chargers and you can charge up to six cars per hotel and so it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out I think for what it means for Hilton because I would think this helps you get people that drive Teslas to your hotel and is a benefit for Hilton as a business specifically and that to me is part of what Elon Musk picks has been with these Chargers is bring the Chargers to your business and the people that drive my cars are going to come to your business more right and I think really what we're seeing here is Tesla play into providing their charge in multiple different opportunities a few weeks ago we were talking about Tesla inventing a designer for for people to crowd and so really I feel like Elon Musk has done a pretty interesting job at sort of creating a community around Tesla drivers and really inviting people now with this Hilton partnership but really sort of a monopoly of sorts where they are attracted to go to places that have a Tesla and we were talking about the specific charger that Tesla now has control over it Honda in a few years will get access to the same type of charger and really Tesla doing a great job here at creating themselves as a leader in the EV space yeah it seems like Tesla is making sure that its Chargers are available to as many places as possible and really monopolizing that market and I think the more the EV Market matures and you're already seeing so many of these car manufacturers lean into the EV Boom the more you're going to see this not just at hotels but also you know more superchargers maybe when you're driving on the highway I think right now that's something that's lacking but as more people adopt EVS obviously you have government incentives as well that that's going to be more and more the norm my head just immediately went to rental cars and I don't know if it's I was online booking travel last night so I was looking at rental cars and hotels and things like that but I was like think about that combo right if you if you can get a lot of rental cars say deal with Hertz or something in a major city like New York or even maybe even more of a driving City go down to the Carolinas where you drive a little bit more in between places but you have a relatively medium distance you can charge the car at your hotel all the time it just seems like it matches up well for the whole travel experience and then if you're Tesla and you can find yourself in the middle of that travel experience would think you'd be pretty beneficial but right I don't know I guess I'm extrapolating a little bit right

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