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if you own Tesla shares the time to hold on to them is now According to Jim Cromer Tesla's long-term growth story is poed to disrupt the automotive industry Tesla has been steadily hiring employers especially as they gear up for the production of the Cyber truck crommer points out the tesas presence in a right to work state enables them to adopt the workforce needs more flexibly Tesla's performance and financials have been under secur pretty lately with reports of significant loses per vehicle sold while the statistics might send dating they indicate the need for Tesla to ramp up production and achiev profitability Jim Cromer is well known for his enthusiasm for the stock market and is a Tesla Enthusiast he has consistently been bullish on Tesla especially given its potential for long-term growth in this video we'll explore recent Rec updates on Tesla's growth and sustainability initiatives 1K development is the anticipated delivery of 100,000 to 120,000 cyber trucks in 2024 and 240,000 to 260,000 deliveries in 2025 Tesla's focus on developing Innovative and energy efficient vehicles including a future $25,000 car indicates their commitment to stainable Transportation they've also made significant progress in 4680 B sell production at Z Texas Giga Factory Tesla has introduced new car RS for the model 3 and model y in the United States offering a range of iing colors this is part of their commitment to offering customers more options and customization while Tesla faces growing competition in the electric vehicle Market their recent sales numbers demonstrate their continued dominance in the first six months of 2023 Tesla outsold its next 19 competitors combined however when comparing Tesla to newer entrance like rivan it's essential to acknowledge that Tesla had Decades of experience and maturity in the industry Tesla's profitability and financial strengths for our exceded competitors Tesla's focus on autonomous driving technology such as full self-driving positions them to enter a robot taxi business which could become a substantial source of Revenue and push the company's valuation to new heights Tesla's combination of financial strength industry dominance and long-term potential is a pro Andy on investors like Jim Cromer as a Tesla investor this video provides valuable insight into Tesla's growth prospects and the impact of recent developments share your thoughts in the comment section and if you're interested in staying updated on Tesla latest news check out the next [Music] video

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