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one nice part so is the coal but is also the water box so there is two parts in one so they eliminated the complexity with uh one part Less on the vehicle this beam is common on the different models of Tesla so they use exactly the same Beam with a small modification from one version to another so is always in the correct position and for five pipes you only have two Fasteners no need Fastener to put these two parts just snap together you just snap together so you can in fact install the insulation without any fastener for this part so you just snap in snap yes no Fasteners no Fastener so this part just to close Snap Fitness snap fit we have the container here put inside and there you go one person usually it takes two people one on each side to do and that's all we have assembly the car no hyperbole folks one of the most compelling and insightful videos I've ever seen on Tesla don't miss it and check the links in the pinned comment if you'd like to support the channel and or unlock a load of exclusive content let's get into it it's too good to waste any more time okay hello everybody so here we are in front of the Tesla Model y this is the Austin version you can notice the casting here so it's only one one big piece of sugar casting is a you shape it so the peretto can go inside start assembly the vehicle from the inside and go toward the exterior and then you will see we will close the car at the end so here we have already one one nice part so it's the coal but is also the water box so there is two parts in one so they eliminated the complexity with one part Less on the vehicle so as we progress through this interesting demonstration of Tesla's incredibly lame efficient uncomplicated design and assembly of model y you might notice recurring themes Elon Musk many years ago in an interview with MKBHD in a Tesla Factory said the best part is no part the best process is no process so as we watch this video explaining incredible engineering how a model Y is assembled keep these in mind are there any examples of Parts being deleted or combined so a single piece does multiple functions in addition can you see any evidence of the elimination of certain processes simplification streamlining I can tell you if there's any Automotive companies who watch this teardown they will unquestionably their pants this is truly one of the most insightful videos I've ever seen on Tesla so pay very close attention how simple how easy how streamlined how efficient is this process okay so here we have the cooling beam so so the the cooling beam is a beam with all the elements components for the cooling system except the radiator so you have the cumulative condenser compressor octaval here so this is a complete cooling system and is compressed in on in all this beam this beam is common on the different models of Tesla so they use exactly the same beam with a small modification from one version to another and every modification that you do for example on the accumulator will be automatically transmitted to the rest of the models so a couple of things the cooling beam you guys notice how much stuff is included in that single module everything to thermally manage the vehicle how easy was it to stick in the Vic like literally just pick up the beam place it boom done it's so simple it's so obvious yet I challenge you take a look under the hood of any other vehicle produced by any other company on Earth you will not find that level of Simplicity you will find an absolute things everywhere complexity so many different attachment points an absolute mess remember the simpler this is the more efficient the less points of failure and the faster it is and the more idiot proof it is to actually assemble the vehicle the second thing I want to discuss here we heard about Parts in common across different Tesla vehicles because this is a module any change to any individual component within that module can propagate across all Tesla vehicles because they're using the same module across the range this is important Simplicity it also allows them to instantly iterate and in addition they benefit more from economies of scale the more parts in common across models the more modules in common across models the cheaper everything is in case it doesn't go without saying if you're ordering more of the same parts or you're making more of the same Parts yourself the cost per part Falls this is one of the ways that Tesla is absolutely embarrassing the so-called competition Motorway alone is on track to sell around a million Vehicles this year there's only about one other vehicle on Earth that has close to that same number of units being sold meaning close to the same level of economic scale However the fact that Tes is using Parts in the model y that are also in the model 3 and other vehicles means there's nothing else even close in terms of economies of scale this matters a lot okay and one thing that you pointed out is all the bolts go in from yes down the all the bolts here in this area from the top down are vertical so it's easy for the operator to put the the bolts and do you think that this could be done by robots in the future maybe maybe definitely now again this is important if you're bolting things from above it's very easy for an operator or in the future a robot to do as opposed to having to get underneath or coming from the sides or weird angles again Simplicity Tesla's trying to drive out complexity to drive out processes to make this easy and fast basically potato proofing what do I mean by that what to make this so simple that even a potato could put one of their vehicles together that's the end goal the least amount of processes and parts the least complexity and the easiest and fastest and most efficient way to put together a vehicle I think it was roughly two years ago that Volkswagen inadvertently disclosed that Tesla was putting together a vehicle three times faster than VW and that was before many of the changes we're now seeing here in this more modular version of the model y were implemented who knows how much faster Tesla is today maybe four maybe five times faster and faster means cheaper and also means Tesla catching up to and then overtaking companies like Volkswagen a lot quicker Rest In Peace So here we can have a poke for for the AC connections so you cannot reverse the part so is always in the correct position and for five pipes you only have two Fasteners so more brilliant engineering again clearly potato proof you can't even reverse these and get them in the wrong order in addition and think about this for a moment there are five pipes there from this thermal system yet there are just two Fasteners two fasten five pipes how the Big Brand engineering I know this might sound simple but man it matters and again in retrospect it's like we'll do of course you could figure out a way to only need two Fasteners to stick these five pipes where they need to go but no other company that produces Vehicles is doing this level of engineering this simplification this streamlining deletion of parts and processes Tesla is on another level sure thing polka yoka means it can it's designed to only go in one way yes exactly so the operator even if it's the first day of job they cannot mix it up see potato proof so the filter is two parts but again you don't no need fast enough to put these two parts they've just snapped together you're just not together no Fasteners just snaps together that simple again this is some big brain right here again I mean given the fact that the automotive industry has been producing cars for over a century now you would have thought they would have figured these kind of things out but it's Tesla showing the entire automotive industry how to put together a vehicle now and that wasn't always the case just half a decade ago give or take this is what one of the worst if not the worst in the automotive industry in terms of actually putting together and Engineering the vehicle they're great with software and Technology the stuff that really counts but the basic stuff like putting together the vehicle physically assembling it not great but in the span of about half a decade they've gone from laughing stock of the industry to making a mockery of the entire industry again think about the lack of parts and processes here instead of having bolts Fasteners needing to weld things to just bam done and if you notice this part will lay on the cooling beam so it will never fall down okay so the next part is the front frame so again the front frame you just put it on each side so you have a c sap the part here that can keep and hold the front frame it holds it in place yes they just stay there yes exactly this is just so incredible it shouldn't be so incredible you would have thought as I mentioned earlier the automotive industry would have figured all this stuff out but simple things like this it takes two guys and let's be honest they're not exactly Hulk Hogan to pick this front of the vehicle up to drop it in place and it just sits there because the way it's designed it's so simple again potato proof and just to notice the radiator is horizontal it's not vertical so efficiency compared to a thermal vehicle is less but we know that we don't reach exactly the same temperature of a thermal Vehicles here we are around maximum at 70 degree so this is enough and also there is a aerodynamic effect that because the air come here and go up on the windshield so as long as you speed up the vehicles you have a downforce in the front of the vehicle to keep the stability of the vehicle fantastic okay let's take let's see the rear yes let's just just one part of that is very important Frank because the radiator is horizontal you have a lot of space here and it's a nice thing to give to the customer extra space for storage okay do you guys have any idea what the we've just witnessed it's done apart from a few bolts that need to come down from the top they've just put together the entire front of the model y with light easy to handle parts that just drop in place the whole thing that's the whole thing right there what the actual have we just witnessed I mean seriously if you want just rewind the video and watch where we started it was just the Giga casting with nothing in there they drop a few parts in bam the whole front of the vehicle is put together and now again the bolts need to come in from the top that's it this is madness so how would this compare to the way traditional automakers put it together yes because uh the idea of traditional automakers is to take out the thermal engine and put the Electric System Tesla is because they don't have this Legacy of thermal engine so they just try to rethink how you you assembly and you uh conceive the vehicle okay okay and now the rear there we go okay this is another important Insight because Tesla hasn't been making cars for decades their big brain Engineers using their big brains to engineer have engineered some big brain Solutions as in what's the best way to do this as opposed to what's an incremental change to the way we've been doing this for the last hundred years makes a big difference exactly you have a giga casting in the back you shape the casting so again the operator can start from the inside going from going out you have this part so Giga casting is expensive part so they try to use it at the maximum so they put some reference so you can in fact install the insulation without any Fastener so just you just fits right into place you use form a to fit the shape of the B part the best part no part the best process no process the best fastener for the insulation is no Fastener you get it right anyone could have figured this stuff out yet it took Tesla to do it this is insane the insulation for the back of the vehicle you literally just drop in it slots right on to the Giga casting no Fasteners necessary perfect fit okay again the same for this part so you just snap in snap so yes no Fasteners no Fastener now I know I'm repeating myself but holy dude another part it just snaps in there's no Fasteners neither of those pieces need to be fastened no bolts no nuts nothing you just drop them in slot them in bam they snap into place this is madness so the cable is aluminum cable so it is a lighter but the most important things is that aluminum is much more cheaper than a so they fit right into the rear end exactly there's no loose wires it just goes exactly where it's supposed to they look for rigidity so tomorrow if they need to automatize the operation it will be easier do it with a robot yes exactly what are the odds not long from now Tesla will in fact be using robots to do that very task so another part so this part just to close again potato proof and he picked that up with one hand it's light it's efficient you just boom snaps in foreign container here put inside the the shape take care that is aligned and you put the four Fastener and that's all and again the bolts come in from the top very easily yes exactly and the same for the insulation crash beam so there is a also pokayoke here you save one and two Fasteners so instead of three bolts or four bucks you have three yes I cannot reverse it okay will not fit all right again picks it up snaps it on done okay and that's also these are the only horizontal bolts that we can find in the back and then we don't have to put it on but you have the rear fascia yes we have the rear fascia it's very light you have only one connection here and if you want I can also put it on and there you go one person usually it takes two people one on each side to do noticing a theme Here light simple easy snap it in place done and did you notice John's commentary in the background there he's saying that it usually takes two people to do this task that was before Tesla and that's all we have assembled the car it's done and his smile says it all okay we have assembled the car we just saw in the span of literally a few minutes probably like five minutes of actual labor the entirety of the model y from the front to the rear being assembled by one guy while explaining what he's doing and the only thing we didn't see is a couple of bolts from the top and a couple at the rear that's it madness Okay and show me this about the tail lights too because that's pretty ah yes so the tail lights again you just hit it you have two Fasteners in the back here to keep the tail lights but most importantly here the tail lights is couplet oh let me check out this so it's complete with the tail light so this is the uh the door for for the charging port right yes so is a there is an actuator that's okay yeah more incredible engineering combining tail light with charging port and look how easy it was to stick that stuff together like you were saying too that this this little door is black because it Blends right in with the tail light yes it has to be body color everyone yes exactly exactly so they looked for this position for the charging port to couple the the opening with the taillights so only one part so complexity reduction again nail on the head they've deleted another part or many parts and reduced complexity so the overall lesson of this hand what would you say it is of how Tesla has designed this so they are looking for complexity reduction modularity and also uh reducing the number of Parts the brackets and fastness in order for the operator to be faster in the Assembly of the car so you have less part less complexity and a quicker assembly of the car there we have it Tesla's philosophy in a nutshell in action in the real world they're now running circles around and making a mockery of the entire automotive industry and anyone could have figured this stuff out yet it took Tesla really speaks volumes and by the way this one narrow view into how Tesla is innovating in terms of manufacturing a vehicle actually assembling the thing this is a window into every aspect of what Tesla does from their autopilot software their operating system their Factory designs you name it every aspect of the business software Hardware even the corporate structure of the company itself first principles thinking removing complexity removing Parts removing processes this is how Tesla gets more done with less how they're so Capital efficient and how they will ultimately dominate the automotive industry dominate the robo taxi industry dominate the humanoid robot industry dominate the energy industry I'm just kidding uh the competition is coming and Tesla should be really really scared now I've got to say this is one of the most incredibly insightful videos I've ever seen regarding Tesla shout out to order line Network John and the guys absolute geez every Tesla investor should be watching this and everyone who owns any stock of any automotive company on the planet should also see what Tesla's up to to understand how utterly Automotive companies are brilliant video brilliant insights and I have to say what Tess is doing what they've done in the span of just half a decade or so from worst to best in the industry is an indictment on every automotive manufacturer currently operating what the have they been doing good question isn't it athletic greens 81 has given me a massive meaningful boost in energy allowing me to do a lot more every day including using my brain more and using my body more I highly recommend you guys and girls check it out athletic greens81 is an excellent way to fill in nutritional gaps it's got 75 high quality vitamins minerals and Whole Foods Source nutrients plus prebiotics and probiotics and digestive enzymes and adaptogens to help you deal with stress plus if you click the link in the pinned comment or head to drink ag1.com SMR you can get yourself a one-year free supply of vitamin D3 and K2 but don't take my word for it here's what some of you guys and girls have to say ag1 has changed my life I was as you describe 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helped with mental acuity stamina and intestinal Waste Management uh can't read between the lines certainly helps with regularity and digestion that's what the digestive enzymes are for it is also dramatically reduced my cravings for sugar you guys need to stop eating sugar it's poison I'm 50 5 9 and over wait AKA a fat I think that's a technical term for overweight isn't it is it fat or obese I can't remember I average 100 hours a week in the west Texas oil fields as a safety supervisor Jesus Christ dude no wonder you're struggling to keep your weight under control 100 hours a week brutal it has helped me lose weight it is not an appetite suppressant it can help fat people suppress cravings and motivation to be healthier is critical for changing your diet love you brother again this is a great point and something people really don't seem to grasp if you have more energy everything becomes easier it's like turning on easy mode for Life a few years ago before I was taking ag1 my health was trash I was struggling to get through the day had afternoon fatigue the last thing I wanted to do was either use my brain or move my body didn't have the energy now my biggest struggle every day is figuring out ways to use that energy I'm exercising way more doing a lot more with my friends and family and of course my work output has increased substantially and you can fact check me check out the average length of my videos I was posting to YouTube three years ago Neato say more and one final testimonial love this one okay here's the a deal for me with this ag1 I'm 41 years old and not the type to eat drink smoke or sleep healthy so I was skeptical that being said here's what I experienced day one meh day two afternoon fatigue was about 45 minutes late day three zero afternoon fatigue day four zero afternoon fatigue plus extra energy day five again zero afternoon fatigue plus energy wondering what the really see this is the thing right there is also many people are just almost too good to be true this is the same experience I had martinou fatigue just finished out of nowhere I'm like wait what the why am I not tired in the afternoons anymore surely it's not that easy one is it turns out it was day six and seven same thing day eight same thing plus I had the want to get things done around the house that I normally would slack off and not get done again the point extra energy you'll need to use it you'll find ways to use it day 9 10 and 11 and today is day 12. I love it so however you manage to get me to buy it I'm so glad you did thank you so much SMR it really changed me so far guys this really works just try it by the way this is the reason I continue to relentlessly promote ag1 a lot of people get real mad in the comments oh my God snickle salmon sold out oh my God he's a scammer this is fraud but constantly I'm pretty sure everyone making these comments is also currently short Tesla stock I'm not particularly concerned about people having a negative perception those folks suffering from small brain syndrome still living in my bumps basement syndrome Etc writing mean comments claiming ag1 is a scam or it doesn't work I mean bro when I get feedback like this this is what keeps me going and remember there is a 90-day money-back guarantee there's nothing to lose here just try this stuff for a month and if you don't get these results get your money back see it's a literal no-brainer it's an IQ test at this point in time testimonial after testimonial after testimonial like this get your money back if it doesn't just try it for a month and if it doesn't work get your money back today's the day it's finally time be like this guy who was a massive skeptic but finally after a thousand promotions in a row caved in tried ag1 and has results like this head to drink ag1.com SMR or click the link in the pinned comment and please let me know how you're feeling in a few weeks time now if you'll excuse me time to put my extra energy to good use I'll be recording some more exclusive content for patreon and my Twitter subscribers so click the links to pin comment see you over on Twitter and or patreon and don't forget to grab your ag1 love you

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