How Elon Musk helped Tesla stock survive its 2018 Big Short (Video)

the emotion the emotional high point of this engineering handbook which is really one of my favorite parts of the book comes when uh he's up musk is up against it and he has he makes a promise wittingly or unwittingly to produce five five thousand cars a week how does he do it well there's an enormous number of short sellers in 2018. this is what I said was a hell period he had people betting against Tesla stock and the only way he was going to survive he felt he did did the calculation you had to get to 5 000 cars a week these short sellers had drones flying over the factory counting with the two assembly lines could do they had inside information they were going nuts it's the most shorted stock in history and they figured out correctly that those two assembly lines could not do 5 000 cars a week and it would take a year to build another Factory and he's a military history addict and he remembers in World War II that they used to build fighter jets in the parking lots in Southern California because they had to do it so fast so he looks at the parking lot and he says within a week I want a tent that would be three times the size of of this room and we're going to build a third assembly line and which is not exactly legal I mean he's always breaking rules and regulations but there was a small thing in the law in California you could put up a temporary tent to do auto repair it was like for a muffler shop he said they can find us later they build this huge tent they don't even have an ability to do an assembly line but they take an old conveyor belt and put it on a slope and they're able to hit 5 000 cars a week and Tesla becomes the most valuable car company in the world and the slope was because the conveyor belt wouldn't otherwise work right it's how they move move the cars down and it was when he just lived on the factory floor that whole time and really really went Bonkers I mean they uh there's a phrase Kimball uses and some of his friends years which is called open loop warning which means you're not getting feedback you're like an unguided missile and at two and hear criticism you can't hear criticism you can't hear nothing and he's in a trans so they would do an open loop warning and this is when he really am people think he's bad nail on Twitter and other things this is when he tweets that some British cave diver is a pedophile this is when he says I'm taking Tesla private and the Saudis are going to give me enough money and funding is secured all these things are ongoing lawsuits you know and it was this hell hell year for him I have to say that as a reader I felt like 25 hell years sometimes period and he's still in 20 beginning of 2019 he once he forces them to do an autonomous vehicle that will drive on its own because he thinks that's going to be the next big thing