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[Music] in today's video I will let you know how I made $10,000 from Tesla stock the strategies and trades I will be discussing today are a bit risky but these can make a lot of money hey everyone welcome to growth Matic in the month of May 2023 I was investing in different stocks I had made Savings of about $100,000 over the past year which I had achieved by following simple strategies I will be sharing some amazing strategies to save money in the upcoming videos on our channel so make sure you hit the Subscribe button and like the video now I will share with you how I made the investment in Tesla stock which earned me a profit of $10,000 by following simple steps and investing strategies as I plan to invest the Savings in the month of May 2023 I started tracking various stocks the stock which gained my interest was Tesla as the EV Market is becoming more favorable due to global climate change concerns it's a future future proof industry in which you can invest for the longterm and earn high returns I started following the chart and price movement of Tesla stock in the first week of May 2023 as you can see from the stock chart I was tracking the Tesla stock from 2D of May I had drawn a trend line to track the stock movements in the period from second of May to 20th of June the stock price went up from $161 to about $261 between this time period based on my support line I decided to make the stock purchase on the 26th of May after looking at the price movements of the past weeks I decided to buy 180 stocks of Tesla at an average buying price of around $193 with this my investment in Tesla was about $34,100 after this investment I decided to remain invested in Tesla for about 5 to 6 months as I wanted to achieve a decent profit from the investment so this strategy is not for those who want to make quick bucks from investing in stocks I was focusing on holding the stock till I achieved my desired results from the investment and that was a minimum of 10,000 Grand the stock went through a series of ups and downs from June to September period and in the beginning of October the stock levels had started gaining value after a period of decline between mid September to beginning of October I saw my Tesla holding of 180 stocks on 2nd of October at a price of about $252 this made me a cool profit of around $10,600 which was around my target while investing in Tesla stock I made a profit of $10,000 as I was following various strategies like Buy and Hold strategy and diversification strategy I made a point to remain invested during the market ups and downs I also Diversified my investments in other classes by following the diversification strategy I did not invest my whole capital in one stock or asset class in the coming videos you will learn various investment strategies and how you can generate wealth from the stock market Yourself by minimizing the risk make sure you hit the like button and subscribe to our channel so you don't miss upcoming videos see you soon in the next video

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