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few years ago my son who was an electoral engineer was interning at Tesla dad why don't you own some Tesla I worked there as an intern and I said I want to short that stock it's such a joke it's a car company trading at a ridiculous price he said no you're the joke you don't understand what Tesla does I work there it's not a car company it's a data company every mile a Tesla drives it goes into the database of mapping for autonomous cars I thought I didn't know that he said no kidding you have a ton of money why don't you buy some of this stock so just before I went on the air I took my phone out and I bought a black of the stock in my personal account then I forgot about it one day I opened up the thing and I was up like a thousand percent Kevin O'Leary's initial skepticism about Tesla have turned into a profitable realization that Tesla is more than just a car company it's a data company with significant potential his investment in Tesla stock and subsequent massive gains highlight the importance of understanding a company's true nature and long-term prospects

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