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in the last two years I would definitely say that Shiba Inu has achieved a certain amount of Market global domination and what I mean by that is I mean that it is a brand that is recognized right there with Bitcoin Dogecoin in fact a lot of times when people talk about crypto she being who's one of the top ones that is discussed and that is really what I mean by global domination from a branding standpoint it is a brand that is now known globally in crypto and it is again synonymous with the biggest names in crypto Bitcoin Etc and this video talks about kind of the continued expansion on that and the continued uh footprint if you will of the shiba inu brand getting bigger and that's what I want to show you in this video and share with you and we'll also take a look real quickly at what's going on with the price action of shib right now so stick around to the very end and I'll give you my thoughts there so another Brazilian excuse me a Brazilian exchange is an outlet this is again that kind of global branding that Global availability this takes the number of exchanges across the globe to ride at and pretty close to 130 130 exchanges that Now list Shiba Inu as an asset that you can buy sell trade Etc that is amazing considering that shiv is basically two years old and I think The Best Is Yet To Come Downstream as we see shibarium roll out as we see the continued expansion of the ecosystem and all the that you know that's coming and so this this Brazilian exchange is uh digit digitra digit truck can't say that digit truck did you try there we go digitra all right so again this is a situation where I think that the real narrative here is the is the global availability you can be pretty much anywhere in the world and buy Shiba Inu Global availability means accessibility it means that anybody who wants to buy Shiba Inu can and I say this all the time but I truly believe this shib Shiba Inu is what I would call a Gateway crypto and what I mean by that is it is a way that a lot of people get into crypto the first time we get brand new investors coming into crypto via Shiba Inu because of its very very very low price point sub one penny uh as well as market capitalization Global brand Global dominance ecosystem being built belt out active things going on shibarium the game Shiba eternity uh you know shiboshi nft collections uh Sheba swap the forthcoming metaverse that we've got coming down the road all that is part of you know that that again that Global brand domination scenario okay so before I let you go let's take a look at what's going on with the Chevy new price it's down 0.15 basically flat I've been talking about this and all my in all my videos recently we're not going to see anything really going on with the overall crypto Market until here in the states we get the debt ceiling raised so that the U.S government doesn't default on their on their on their debt that's coming we know it will and when that happens I firmly believe that you'll see crypto take off like a rock uh so just FYI that's kind of what is going on right now in the overall crypto space and you can see that everything is basically flat so again continued expansion of the shiba inu brand another exchange coming on board price is flat right now but everything else is everything else is flat right now and that's kind of the State of the Union of where we are at all right I'll see you go make some money bye

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