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Tesla reported on Sunday a record number of vehicles delivered in Q2 Tesla delivered around 466 000 vehicles in the April to June period now that was up 10 on the previous quarter and 83 percent higher from a year earlier this beats expectations of all nine analysts pulled by refinitive production remained above delivery although the Gap narrowed compared to q1 and since the start of 2023 Tesla took the risk of cutting its prices to make its cars more competitive especially in the Chinese market its second biggest market after North America let's have a look at the Tesla chart for you because of course Tesla has just turned 20. where did that time go Tesla has been uh promising investors that they will prioritize sales growth ahead of profit and no doubt that margins will be affected but it is all part of the plan that Elon Musk has flagged for more videos from us here at igtv join us on Twitter at ig.com Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel

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