How Tesla’s Charging Network will Affect the Tesla Stocks? (Video)

welcome to an exciting journey into the world of Tesla store in this video we'll explore the remarkable rise of Tesla and discuss what will happen next with the company shares Please Subscribe and let's Dive Right here over the years Tesla has solidified its position as a dominant player in the electric vehicle Market its slick designs and cutting-edge Technology have captured the attention of consumers worldwide the electric vehicle Market has experienced rapid growth with sales skyrocketing in recent years research shows that in 2021 the number of EVS sold in a single week extended the total number sold in the entire year of 2012 as electric cars continue to gain popularity as they are widely believed to be the future of Transportation not only will they transform the automotive industry but they also contribute to the carbonizing the Errors By reducing Reliance on fossil fuels however not everyone shares the same level of optimism according to a recent Morgan Stanley report if he is currently account for less than seven percent of new car sales in the US the report predicts as it by 2030 EV penetration will reach 25 percent and by 2040 a staggering 75 percent so what does this mean for Tesla despite these predictions Tesla remains at the Forefront of the EV Market industry analysts such as Dan Ives estimates that Tesla is on track to meet its delivery expectations with margins expected to Rebound in the common quarters Tesla's influence extends Beyond its own vehicles through strategic Partnerships automakers like rivian Ford and General Motors have adopted taskless charging standard giving them access to Tesla's expansive charging Network Tesla superchar larger network has been a game changer for Ev owners with over 12 000 reliable and widely available superchargers Tesla has built an infrastructure that others aspire to replicate the scarcity of charging stations has been a major constraint for Erie adoption however as countries around the world invest in charging infrastructure the demand for EVS is expected to rise this increased demand for EVS coupled with Tesla's dominant position in the market has been reflected in its stock performance following the news of Arabia and joining Tesla's charger Network Tesla stock jumped over four percent looking ahead the future of the EV Market is promising the shift over sustainable transportation and the availability of more affordable electric vehicles are projected to drive the market to a staggering 693 billion dollars by 20 this idea as we enter a new age of sustainable Transportation electric vehicles are capturing the hearts and minds of consumers worldwide Tesla's unwavering ambition and Innovation position in the company it leads away in this transformative industry so whether your investor or simply fascinated by the future of Transportation join us as we continue to explore the groundbreaking moves Tesla is making don't forget to like this video And subscribe if you like such a Content take care and see you in the next one [Music] thank you [Music]