How The Tesla Model X Is Superior To Any Other Car (Video)

I've always wanted to try the X but it's you know what it is it is it is giving you absolutely absolute perfect I get into this car I'm comfortable you know it's not over decorated or whatever it has the Simplicity of any any Tesla but you are sitting in an upright very comfortable position the volume is perfect the tech is perfect the sound is perfect the air con is perfect I just I'm in there and I could drive forever I have FSD now on it I'm this is my safe space this is my moment really where you know uh I can let go no job no kids no no nothing just being in my car it's it's the best car ever and I've had wow Mercedes I've had Porsches I've had you know very high India because I have a very spoiled brat and Nothing Compares even closer you can't I I realize after testing the more or less you can't compare the Tesla to anything it's something else