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in this well simple tutorial video I'm going to be showing you guys how to buy Tesla stock ticker simple TSLA in Canada using wealth simple so once you're into the well Simple app make sure to go into your trading account then once you're here go to the bottom left here press on uh the magnifying glass now what you can do is actually go to the top here this discover bar and just type in simply TSLA ticker symbol TSLA or you can search up Tesla it doesn't really matter the exact same thing so I'll just search up Tesla right here and then the first option here is Tesla TSLA on the NASDAQ this is what we want to press on this right here and as you can tell at the time I'm recording this video it's actually priced at 282 dollars and 48 cents USD but all you got to do now is just press buy now you can buy stocks or options we're just going to go ahead and press stocks for simplicity's sake now to buy it if you want to buy a fractional buy so this so this means that you don't quite want to invest the full amount of one share so if you wanted to invest you know five dollars for example you could press on five dollars uh this will be five dollars USD and then press on continue because of course you are buying it in USD so if you want to confirm order you can you can confirm order right there but if you want to buy it from a fractional buy to a market buy you can press on Market buy or you can press on limit buy but pretty much that is how you guys can buy a Tesla stock TSLA in Canada on wild simple I hope this video helped

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