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so in this wealth simple tutorial video I'm going to be showing you guys how to buy Tesla call options ticker simple TSLA in Canada using wealth simple so once you have well simple open up on your device simply go down to the bottom left corner here of your screen and press on it'd be magnifying glass or the search tab then you can either do this one of two ways first off you can go to the top bar to where it says search and you can type in ticker symbol TSLA for Tesla press on Tesla and work those options right there means that is part of what you want to do here now if you want to do another way you can press on options as well so where it says stocks right now just press on where it says options you can go to where it says most active symbols press on more and then press on a test select this way it'll do the exact same thing it doesn't really matter now when you're on this screen if you want to buy a call option make sure it says Tesla Will Rise by but if it says fall for whatever reason press on where it says Rise you can change this to put option so that would mean fall but if you want to make it a call option press on where it says fall press on call option and there you go it'll say Esla Will Rise by and then you can press on the date right here and press whatever date you want now after that is done you can go ahead and actually find the price that you wish to buy options for so if you wanted to do for this demonstration of the strike price being 265 dollars USD for example I'll press on this one then I'll go ahead to the bottom here and press on buy and there you go that is how to buy Tesla ticker symbol TSLA call options in Canada using well it's simple thanks again for watching and I hope this video helped

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