with another video we're going to be talking about Dogecoin ticker symbol d-o-g-u-s-d I will put the trigger somewhere right here very big move that I believe Dogecoin can have to the higher side I'll give you guys a Target I'm looking out for I already bought Dogecoin that's why you should be on the team the team does open back up August 14th make sure you save the date but there can be another possible play on Dogecoin as well I'm actually looking to double the position I already have the old resistance level that broke right around zero seven five nine eight it broke here and tested that support there that was confirming foolishness we bought over here and we're already up on that movement but like I said I am looking to double down on that position so we're going to go over the levels and the targets I'm kind of looking out for but the first Target let's move this support up a little bit my target level on the higher side is 0.08 I'll just round it at 800 okay uh I'll just round it here this is the target I'm looking out for on the higher side right here so where Dogecoin is currently if it did not pull down that would be about a seven percent gain but where I'm looking for Dogecoin to pull down is right around seven you could put around 7900 so we could turn that to our buying level I'll write out the number two because I know it's kind of some decimals seven nine right here this is the buying area not Pacific level buying area I'm looking out for Dogecoin to pull down to and give us that second big movement that it had here we need some a little more pull down that's the only way I'm looking to buy again for that second Buy like I said I already have the first one entry here exit there that's about 11 gain that's a little bit better than that seven percent but what we do not want to break is the support area here let me turn that level blue because if it breaks this level that's probably going to sense uh we're gonna get some more selling pressure seven six right here okay so these are the main areas and levels that I'm watching right now on Dogecoin okay support buying level and my target right here so like I said I already have some if it does not pull down to at least this area I'm not looking to buy anymore I'm just looking for it to go back up right high probability that'll probably go up there and even maybe higher but this is what the Dogecoin play I'm looking out for right now as I believe kryptos will probably slowly start to get better the play slowly and slowly all right I'm also looking to play Dogecoin that's Alana so if you want those videos let me know smash this like button as well let's get the video over 50 likes if you guys can do that then I'll update you guys on Dogecoin tomorrow depending on how it moves but the only way I'm looking to double in the position is entering in this area if we get some type of pull down here and then getting buying pressure confirmation and send us up back here but if it goes up from there I'll just hold the position I have let it hit this Target and then I look for the next play on Dogecoin when something presents itself but we know for sure we don't want that support level to break at all okay make sure you guys follow me on Instagram we'll download this make sure it's the right one because there are scam accounts going around and always remember no circulation to buy or sell anything just for educational purposes only so do not trade anything you see or hearing the video catch you guys in that next one bye