‘I don’t think Ford and Tesla are mutually exclusive’, says Jim Cramer (Video)

Wall Street Wall Street can be so dense sometimes times like now where the market is spoken and it doesn't care for the likes of Ford Motor where we are right now for our best in America show because it only has eyes for Tesla the idea that it could be two auto companies worth investing in one that's fully automated for electric fields and one that uses lots of humans to make iconic name played cars and trucks is considered sacrilege and Hazards to your portfolio only one works and that one is Tesla which values more than five percent today it would have been there for the averages that lost 245 points has to be the climb 0.47 said NASDAQ dip 0.16 but you know what I don't believe it I don't believe it you see I don't think that Ford and Tesla are mutually exclusive there's no Zero Sum here I think there's real value here in four bye bye bye more value than is captured by its 14 share price even with that 4.2 yield more value than its agreement to use Tesla's charging Network that allow the stock to jump three points since late last month more value even than the possibility of an earnings explosion as the internal combustion engine business spews cash towards Ford's future electric dominance don't miss a second of Mad Money follow at Jim Cramer on Twitter have a question tweet Kramer hashtag madtweeks send Jim an email to Mad Money at cnbc.com or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc is something head to madmoney.cnbc.com foreign