If You are a TESLA Shareholder…GET READY! (Video)

mhm you know when we talk about people start comparing other makers like rivan for example to Tesla because they get excited and they're seeing rivan on the road now but um you know rivan delivery 15,000 plus to Tesla's 435,000 plus um rivan's probably going to come out with 52,000 Vehicles this year versus 1.8 million for Tesla I mean is Tesla still I mean I know byd is on its s too where does Tesla stand I mean to to the people who are the naysayers for Tesla what do you tell them I mean the scale and the scope is unmatched globally I think when you look where Tesla is I think look one of the biggest risk if you look at the thesis was GM Ford Detroit that was going to be competition in the US but now this UAW debacle that's been a win for Tesla I think when you look in China price cuts that price Wars happen byd Neo and others but Tesla actually gain share and I continue think going 2024 they're in a massive position of strength despite a shaky maer Tesla is once again in the spotlight and this time it's all about those vital digits delivery estimates and delivery numbers analy have been making their comments and today we're going to look at things from the standpoint of one of Tesla's biggest Bulls Dan so grab a drink and let's dive into the latest Tesla Buzz we're about to decode what's really going on behind those Q3 delivery numbers Tesla delivered 435,000 59 vehicles in the third quarter of this year a result that missed Wall Street expectations it was nearly 7% lower than the previous quarter the lower than expected results came after a record second quarter when Tesla produced 479,000 and delivered 466,000 vehicles and many analysts have dished out comments about these delivery results web bu Securities analyst Dan IES recently discussed these Q3 delivery numbers and according to him the slightly lower than expected figures for the quarter are not a significant concern for Tesla or its investors but you may ask why has he said this and why should investors remain optimistic about the Tesla story well that's the juicy detail we're going to get into with today's video so if you think that this is the end of the road for Tesla think again because this could just be the beginning of that journey to unimaginable success Tesla's front and center Jenny horn markets correspondent here on Schwab network is taking a look at the Tesla shares at this moment after the company did announce its delivery numbers for the quarter uh your thoughts yeah for the third quarter we did see deliveries comeing over 435,000 so a little bit of a mixed picture they did say they produced over 430,000 they did deliver over 435,000 Vehicles this was a sequ potential decline in terms of volumes which is a result of some of these planned downtimes they've seen for factory upgrades they volume Target now for 2023 stand at around 1.8 million Vehicles that's unchanged that's exactly what the street had been expecting they did report deliveries like I said just over 435,000 that was a key figure for the street here now I mean look the ble that's happen in Detroit with the UAW that's really been a torpedo for the Detroit big three in terms of what you know what I viewed is it's going to be a pivotal year in terms of 2024 Tesla's never going to have Union and I think that continues to really be one of their strengths in terms of how they built it how rivan built it and I think the sad thing right now is that the winners in terms of what's happened this UAW cage match with the Detroit big Bri it's Tesla and it's the foreign automakers that are going to Ben in that September Wall Street anticipated 473,000 units for Tesla's Q3 however after this the consensus among analysts dropped to 461 th000 units a 2.5% decrease contrary to the consensus New Street research analyst Pier fagu forecast 438,000 units citing Factory shutdowns to drive material Miss and the production of an updated model 3 in China and Europe replacing older sedan models the forecast 438,000 units by fagu signified a 6% fall from q2's 466,000 units although it was still a 27% rise from 344,000 units produced in the third quarter of 2022 hey guys welcome back to Tesla tomorrow Dan Ives is a strong Tesla bll and recently raised his price target for Tesla by $50 up to $350 stating that the company has demonstrated that it can monetize Key Products including its supercharger Network work and its self-driving Tech IES was responding to Tesla's second quarter earnings report which dragged its stock price down 4% in pre-market trading the following day the Tesla investor highlighted Tesla's trailblazing deal to its supercharging network with other EV companies as a money-making opportunity adding that its profits are likely to help keep Rising once it's able to roll out full self-driving Tech more widely he also praised Tesla's price War as a home run success in China Europe and the US amid signs of traditional car makers struggling to keep Pace with Tesla's Cuts while some other analysts have failed to see the bigger picture when it comes to Tesla Dan Ives remains bullish on Tesla and its stock and now he's once again revealed why investors are to remain bullish on the automaker but what has he said well let's find out before we do though if you like this type of content hit that like button subscribe and turn on post notifications to keep up to date on everything going on with Tesla in his recent interview Dan IES acknowledged that various macroeconomic factors including chips shortages and supply chain challenges have affected Global automative production not just Tesla he emphasized that these challenges are industrywide and Beyond Tesla's control the stock investor stressed the importance of focusing on Tesla's long-term growth trajectory rather than short-term delivery fluctuations noting that Tesla continued to lead in the EV market and remains well positioned for substantial growth in the coming years as a tlight investor you'll noce that despite the Q3 delivery figures being slightly below expectations Tesla's overall trajectory and demand for their vehicles are still strong this recent delivery number is just a blip on the larger trend of Tesla's growth and market dominance even Tesla announced that the sequential decline in volumes was caused by planned downtimes for factory upgrades as discussed during its recent earnings and it further reiterated that its 2023 volume Target of around 1.8 million Vehicles remains unchanged you see Tesla continues to face comments from analysts especially during times like this when its future performance is in doubt several analysts have given bullish price Targets on Tesla's price for its stock over the next 12 months ranging from $300 to $400 per share these analysts expect that Tesla will continue to grow its sales volume Revenue earnings and cash flow in the coming quarters and years some also anticipate that Tesla will achieve positive free cash flow on a consistent basis improving its profitability margins reducing it debt levels increasing market share and launching of new products and services it's believed that in the long run these positive factors could influence the stock price significantly since they're going to reflect an effect on Tesla's total revenue however while these analysts are bullish on Tesla stock there are also others who've been bearish on the price targets for Tesla stock price ranging from $120 to $200 per share this set of analysts expect that Tesla will face increasing competition cost pressures regulatory screw scy legal risks and Market volatility in the near future they also doubt that Tesla will be able to continue to deliver on ambitious promises and projections regarding its FSD software its cybertruck pickup truck its semi and its Roadster sports car as well as its gigafactories Dan I's perspective is that while the Q3 delivery numbers might not meet short-term expectations long-term growth for Tesla and its industry leadership and ability to adapt to challenges or make it a strong player in the Alternative Market Ives further commented that Tesla is known for its resilience and ability to navigate supply chain challenges and express confidence in Tesla's capacity to overcome these hurdles and maintain its position in the market this is the mindset that every Tesla investor should have it's no ordinary car company and everyone knows this even the Bears therefore it will be unfair to conclude that Tesla's latest Q3 delivery numbers are the true representation of its performance of the company think of the numbers and the numerous projects that lie ahead for Tesla think of Robo taxi superchargers batteries and even robots all these are going to be huge for Tesla and it may take the market by storm what do you think about Tesla's Q3 numbers let us know down below and let us know what your valuation of Tesla is and if you want to know more about what Tesla's been up to over the last few days go ahead 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