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is Tesla stock going next should you buy sell or maybe wait on Tesla Inc stock you can see today we're down 3.61% and I going to use my strategy that I've used over the last 13,000 videos that has accumulated me hundreds and hundreds of wins to do the analysis let's get right into it even Tesla like the it's actual ticker symbol I think I had a few yeah I have this basically win that I had like documented I believe before after proof me being bearish kind of on the high time frame or whatever let's talk about it so you can see Tesla my out look here like for a very good amount of time was kind of definitely bullish and I was expecting the highs to be cleared I just came up short and we never delivered above the highs um the idea here is that I'm still expecting these highs to get cleared and let me show you the reason why look so Tesla on the high time FR I'm talking about like three month to the monthly chart is definitely very bullish that puts us into a very beautiful position so we can actually kind of enter the market with a bit a bullish perspective in it of itself so looking at Tesla here if the price taps or even even if it doesn't tap into this Zone my Outlook is as follows let me show you again this is based on 12 and a half thousand videos that I made the thing happening over and over again throughout thicker symbol throughout stocks if the price comes into here I'm going to wait for a confirmation for it to go bullish it doesn't even have to top there but just know that I'm expecting these highs to be CED next without actually breaking below the certain like for example 150 bucks again this is me following my strategy system if you want to take your training for free to the next level check out the first link in the description

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