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instacart is the story of the day closing the day at 34 a share that is up about 14 after the stock began trading Tuesday afternoon opening at 42 dollars a share on the NASDAQ certainly a strong debut uh that was a lot of investors really hoping for it was interesting to have that conversation with one of instacart's early investors today obviously he got in at a good price point for the company but even despite the strong debut there's a lot of VCS out there that are looking at paper losses because it still didn't match that valuation of 39 billion in the private funding yeah the interest of our Instagram we were talking about how it was kind of a test of what were investors kind of emphasizing and valuing was it profit or growth because listen it's our decent bottom line but growth slowing and instacart will say Hey listen that's tough comps that's inflation but we know some analysts also saying maybe it's also competition to creeping in because there's a lot of it for this name yeah earlier it's not just about doordash it's ubereats many other delivery services that are out there getting into groceries although the instacart argument will be we're not just a grocery delivery service anymore we have really expanded beyond that since the height of the pandemic when everybody was getting it on instacart for those deliveries yep absolutely moving on shares of AutoZone finishing the day in the red the company report a beat on the top and bottom line during the fourth quarter despite being the streets expectations Shares are following on the company's lower than expected growth and it's domestic Commercial Business this one was interesting Akiko because Auto supplier so reports beats top and bottom and we had some analysts on Yahoo finance this morning we're saying listen overall they thought the business looking healthy but some signs disappointed thought in the commercial side yeah it is about the domestic commercial sales coming up short that's been behind the shares that we have seen moving today also though interesting to note that there's been some calls out there looking at the impact the UAW strike may have on AutoZone that's sort of seen as a potential boost to the company replacement Vehicles potentially being delayed as well with AutoZone and their parts that could be a big beneficiary but something to watch for in that stock shares of Rocket lab sliding today after the satellite delivery company's latest rocket malfunction rocket lab reported on Thursday that it's electron rocket failed following a successful liftoff from its New Zealand launch pad rocket lab noted the electron had previously delivered 171 satellites on 37 orbital missions that its next flight currently scheduled for the end of the quarter will be postponed and revised third quarter Revenue guidance in the coming days you know we we sort of call Rocket lab a satellite delivery company but they really are looking to expand beyond that to compete heavily with SpaceX this is a huge setback for the company we saw the stock moving back in a big way here and now that third quarter launch at least sort of on hold as they really look to see what was behind that failed launch today you know you live in LA so I turned to you on all things Hollywood and now after that fantastic document around the Moon I just turned to you on all things Rock in the space you're right I mean this is a company that's based in Long Beach just outside of LA but really they have really been riding a lot of this momentum at a time when sort of investors have been focused laser focused on SpaceX yes they have a massive lead but rocket lab really really sort of gaining on that so you know that probably reflects even more what we saw today why investors have pulled back certainly a big setback but more interesting

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