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let's get you caught up on today's top stories instacart delivering in its debut the online grocery retailer stock began trading on Tuesday at 42 dollars a share and closed its inaugural session at 33 a share the IPO is a long-awaited step for instacart which was founded in 2012 and it's the first notable venture-backed company in the U.S to go public since December 2021. in its Beach Tuesday to the United Nations General Assembly President Joe Biden urged world leaders not to abandon Ukraine in its war with Russia and remain United in supporting them Biden said quote if we allow Ukraine to be carved up is the independence of Any Nation secure and the lawsuit Journal is reporting a Justice Department investigation into Tesla's company spending citing sources the journal says Federal prosecutors want to know if company expenditures blurred the lines between business Endeavors and personal projects for CEO Elon Musk SEC rules require that companies report extra Financial perks and earlier reports said the doj was looking into claims that Tesla commissioned employees to work on and Order supplies for a glass house meant for musk now that inquiry has widened to include the company's representations about Tesla's thriving range

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