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I bought my first Tesla stock in August 2020 and this month marks three years since I first started investing in Tesla in this video I'll share how much I've made over the past three years my lowest and highest purchase price and my plans for the future click subscribe to stay updated to more videos on Tesla I have 2200 Tesla shares with an average cost price of 203 dollars with the latest market closing price of 243 dollars that is a 19 gain it works out to a compounded annual growth rate of 6.1 percent just above Singapore's inflation rate of 5 from investment point of view this isn't great yet Tesla is a highly volatile stock and saw periods of significant valuation gain in 2013 and in the first half of 2020. in a recent poll more than half of you shared if you've been investing in Tesla stock for at least three years this means that many of you will see gains of close to seven times especially in a run-up in the stock price in first half of 2020 when the market started seeing Tesla as a successful EV company I believe the Tesla rewards long term investors since then Tesla's fundamentals has strengthened further with a stronger product lineup a capable leadership bench and solid progress on his next ass Curves in autonomy Robotics and energy it may take a few years before the market starts seeing Tesla as more than an EV company but I wouldn't bet against Elon and Tesla I've been doing my best to dollar cost average to buy more Tesla shares every few months over the past three years my lowest purchase price was 127 in August 2020 and my highest purchase price was 350 dollars in January 2022. I've hit my minimum Target of getting 2 000 Tesla shares and if a stretch goal hit 3 000 Tesla shares within the next two years in recent months I'll be slowing down my purchase of Tesla stock because I aim to have emergency reserve of cash and I'll be funding teslaco in Singapore Asia Pacific's first Tesla Community event I'm doing this because over my years as a Tesla investor I had the privilege to meet many amazing members of the community most recently at Tesla Takeover in California where I met John and Kelvin for Tesla owners Silicon Valley worked together at Tesla Club Austria with Simon from Tesla light shows UK met the community members at Farzad Miss bahi Alexander's Tesla Joy Tesla Raj and many more great people I hope they bring some of this magic to Asia Pacific and I believe that this could Inspire many of you who have deeper conviction in Tesla's future if you found this video useful please click the like button hit subscribe to stay updated to more videos on Tesla

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