INVESTORS Get Ready! TESLA Stock will soon HIT It’s All Time HIGH! (Video)

looking at the stock very closely in here I do think they need to raise Capital maybe one more time but but boy what a great brand and Company rivian is okay uh for Tesla going into the end of the year Ross um where do you see its connection overall to the economy because it seems like that we are getting some optimistic signs but then we also just went through a period of price cut so it seems like Tesla is vulnerable at all um how bad do things have to get for them to start slashing price again what does that relationship look like to you I mean if they slash prices again I'm just going to like I don't know freak out because it's like the lack of customer knowledge and understanding of the value proposition of the model y today is just amazing and and the fact that Tesla's done very little they've done some advertising but very little in aggressively cting new customers is really a huge mistake that Tesla's been making and it's caused a lot of pain un necessarily versus investing 20 or $30 million on an education campaign on television to teach people about EVS but if you ask any young person who doesn't own an EV why they don't you will hear ridiculous answers you know on the 4th of November 2021 Tesla's stock price had an all-time high of $299 129 but despite being such an interesting event for Tesla we find that since then Tesla stock price has not been able to climb to that High ever again it's been a bit of a roller coaster of ups and downs and investors are starting to ask the question when will Tesla stock reach all-time highs again as we dive into this story of Tesla stock price we find ourself at a Crossroads every stock investor knows that the stock market is influenced by a multitude of factors and can be very unpredictable and it is in these months of volatility that a lot of investors back out in the world of Finance only a few stocks have captured the imagination of investors quite like Tesla but even with this Tesla's stock is still subject to a lot of external factors all of which have kept the stock from going up the chart in this video we'll consider some of the possible reasons as to why Tesla stock is yet to reach its all-time high again we'll also uncover the complexities of the stock market and the unique dynamics that shape Tesla's trajectory so join us as we unravel the story of why Tesla stock prices yet to scale to the heights it once new let's get started welcome back fast Market M1 Kevin hins and Nathan Peterson back for our second segment of the show and we're focusing on what some could perceive as a big winner in the whole UAW the whole move from fossil fuels to elect to EVS the old the competition question there's so many questions there's so many issues that we can talk about when we talk about Tesla but the easiest one to talk about right now it has sold sold off significantly in the last 10 days Nathan and it's $8 off its lows of the day to-day what are your thoughts on Tesla where do you sit with this EV making Behemoth yeah good good question I mean it's a CT stock you know on on the bullish side you could say look there's so many potential growth Avenues going forward you know whether whether it's the charging Network we got the Cyber truck that's coming out um are we uh we've got uh the um all all the area whether it's SpaceX all those different areas of Revenue of growth that they have going forward well yeah it's tough to kind of price and I think that benefits the stock because it's so tough to price you forgot I think what is it neurolink is that another one of the the projects that that one kind of freaks me out a little bit but uh you know it how do you price that and I think because it's difficult to kind of estimate the market I mean if you think about you know a world in which it'll be like minority report and you have autonomous taxes and you know think of the the savings that some of those uh companies car companies can benefit from not having labor but having autonomous you know cars going around how do you price that in well it's difficult you know at this point so I think that kind of works in its favor but you know the margin issue is a concern competition is a concern China weakness is a bit of a concern there so um you know again it's just one of those stocks that commands premium because of the potential that lies there and I think investors have largely been very patient with just basically uh seeing how long it takes for that to show up on the bot the possibility of Tesla stock price reaching an all-time high depends on how the company performs in terms of its Financial results operational efficiency product quality customer satisfaction Innovation capability strategic vision and Competitive Edge it also depends on how the market re reacts to Tesla's news announcements events and expectations Tesla is one of the most Innovative and disruptive companies in the automative industry as well as a leader in electric vehicles Battery Technology and autonomous driving so seeing that its stock is yet to reach its all-time high again after almost 2 years is a topic worth discussing hey everyone and welcome back to Tesla tomorrow Tesla stock price has been a roller coaster ride since its initial public offering in 2010 reaching several highs and lows along the way the company's faced challenges and uncertainties all of which have had some sort of effect on its stock price Tesla's stock price reached an all-time high in 2021 after the company reported better than expected third quarter earnings and revenue at the time the ultimaker benefited from strong demand for its model 3 and model y vehicles in China and Europe as well as its expansion into new markets like India and this has helped to significantly boost its stock price however since then Tesla stock price has never reached that level again and as fluctuated between $230 and $260 per share while several analysts have predicted that Tesla stock price will soon hit $300 per share that does remain to be pretty uncertain so what are the possible results for Tesla stock price and hitting this all-time high again let's find out but before we do if you like this type of content hit that like button subscribe and turn on post notifications to keep up to date on everything going on with Tesla a few reasons why Tesla stock price is still below its alltime High could be because of the automaker's decision to cut the prices of its model 3 and Y vehicles in some of its markets as well as interest rate hikes for the fed and the increasing competition from automakers that are ramping up their electric vehicle offerings some of these auto makers like Ford GM Volkswagen Toyota Hyundai and others are all becoming big competition for Tesla these companies have launched or plan to launch new models that could challenge Tesla's market share and pricing power this begs the question that then can Tesla's stock price ever reach its all-time high again well judging by the nature of the stock market predicting stock price movements with certainty can be challenging Tesla's stock price will continue to be influenced by a complex interplay of factors and its path to reaching an all-time high again is going to depend on a combination of variables however what we do know is that despite all these challenges investors can remain optimistic about Tesla's long-term prospects and growth potential Tesla's got several competitive advantages that could help it maintain its leadership position in the electric vehicle market for instance Tesla's quarterly and annual earnings reports are closely watched by investors and this strong financial performance can boost investor confidence and drive up the stock price similarly Tesla success is tied to its own innovation in the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors therefore announcing the new products that it's got in the pipe as well as technological advancements or expansion into new markets can all be key factors like could have a positive impact on stock price as the global shift towards EVS continues Tesla stands to benefit greatly from this growing EV market and this could lead to increased demand for Tesla products and potentially Drive the stock price higher also government policies incentives and regulations related to electric vehicles and clean energy can significantly impact Tesla's fortunes just as much as economic factors like inflation interest rates and geopolitical events can all influence investors sentiment and the stock Market as a whole including Tesla the electric vehicle Market is becoming more competitive with traditional automakers entering the space so in order for Tesla to continue staying above every other company there needs to be a way for it to maintain its market share and Competitive Edge and investors need to see this happening the truth is perception of investors media coverage and speculative trading are all things that contribute to short-term price fluctuations and the behavior of institutional investors such as mutual funds and hedge funds can all significantly influence stock prices therefore Tesla's ability to meet production targets expand its production line and effectively manage its supply chain can all be critical to reaching all-time highs again for its stock price any issues in execution can affect stock performance it is important to know that stock prices are influenced by a number of factors and predicting the stock market can be challenging especially doing it accurately so analysts often rely on a thorough evaluation of a company's fundamentals industry Trends and broader economic conditions in order to understand stock price changes as a Tesla investor you need to be prepared for this volatility I know that short-term fluctuations don't necessarily reflect the long-term Prospect of Tesla as a company Tesla stock price is known to be volatile and unpredictable and that makes it difficult to forecast its future movements with certainty but one thing is clear Tesla stock price will continue to attract a lot of attention and interest from investors analysts media and consumers alike so it's better to stay focused and keep your eyes on the long-term goal what do you think let us know down below and don't forget to leave a like And subscribe and don't forget to check out this next video on your screen if you want to know more about what Tesla's been up to over the last few days we'll see you there