Is Coin Collecting A Waste Of Money u0026 Time? (Video)

is coin collecting a waste of time is going to a museum a waste of time what about a rock concert or just a concert in general what about going to the movies what about you know drinking pop or beer or going out social and spending a bunch of money and taking friends out are all those a waste of time I mean technically let's put it this way if you take all those events all those things concerts everything that you like to do all your entertainment and at the end of the year figure out how much you spent and then try to get a return on that can you take it back can you get your money back the answer would be no but if you took that money or at least some of that money and you bought coins then you would actually be able to get something back out of it at the end of the year I think the problem with people is that their expectations are not realistic they see these premiums on coins they see dealers are only paying so much of a premium if a premium at all and they know that if they take that coin back tomorrow or a week from now or maybe even a year or two from now they'll probably not get that premium now that's okay to feel that way but you at least can get some money back from that coin it's always going to have that silver or that gold or that numismatic value you can't say that about other things that you do and not only that with coins and currency you have the art you have the history and it's entertaining you can fill up holes in your albums stack silver stack gold however it is that you like to do collect as much rolls of silver dollars and silver eagles and monster boxes if you and literally entertain yourself with that and do family things together with it obviously you can introduce you know a nephew a son a daughter a granddaughter or a grandson or even just a brother or a sister or your wife I mean even your mom and dad you might be able to turn people onto the Hobby and have fun together make it an event if you want to go out to eat then go to a small town that has a dealer and make a reason to go to the town I get something to eat together go to a museum you can do all those things together so coin collecting isn't a waste of time but I just think that you need to be realistic treat it like a hobby not like an investment and if you do get a return that's the cream on the top if you don't get a return at least if you have to have some money you can always take some of those coins back and get some money back out of them and you can't say that for most things that you do in life my name is Daniel and yours watching coin help you thanks for watching my latest video please hit that sub button and subscribe hit that Bell to get all notifications and have a great day