Is PEPE Coin About To Break Out?! (Video)

Pepe coin is it about to break out that's what we're going to talk about in this video um Pepe is definitely pumped and now we're in this consolidation phase which I actually like and we're going to look at their chart and kind of talk about the State of the Union of what's going on with Pepe but also the State of Union of crypto in general okay so that's what we're going to discuss in this video if you're new to me hit that subscribe button if you're watching this on Twitter uh definitely give me a follow as well so let's take a look as I said at at Pepe and I'm looking at it right now and I've got this on the one hour here and you can see that we have we you know Pepe came out obviously had this massive pump and has since pulled back a little bit and now though we've got this consolidation phase right here where my mouse is right here we got this nice consolidation phase going on anytime you see a crypto doing this consolidation scenario it's not a bad thing okay it's kind of if effectively building momentum building steam uh for another run up okay so this consolidation thing is not again a bad scenario for me the X Factor question by the way Pepe is a 616 million dollar market cap has over a hundred thousand plus holders for it to do that in this massively short amount of time that it's been out it's absolutely astounding uh that it that it's been able to like I said to do that so is it ready for a breakout the short answer is yes okay I think that Pepe is poi ways to to kind of move forward we've got a macro scenario playing out here in all of crypto whereby um there's a lot of fear there's uncertainty in the market kind of at the at the higher level now Pepe was the game changer uh from the launch of these brand new meme coins when it came out it exploded and obviously you saw that chart it exploded I mean this this massive Spike up here was truly something that nobody really expected or saw coming and follow you know then there was Bob that came out right after Pepe and a bunch of other ones that came out similarly um but Pepe was the you know one that led that and so the fact that it's a consolidating b 616 million dollar market cap C 116 000 holders on the deck side that means there's way more on the centralized exchange side as well yeah I think that it's poised to to break out here in the in a little bit but the only thing is kind of keeping it down right now is more of that fear and uncertainty and doubt kind of in the overall crypto Market that that's kind of keeping it right now where it's at and I think if we get some clarification we get some insight onto you know if the overall crypto Market's going to turn like for example in here in the the states the The Narrative this whole week has been is the U.S going to default on their debt now the short answer is no they're not going to let that happen but that's kept the entirety of crypto down if that deal in when that deal gets signed you can expect to see crypto move up and I fully expect to see you know Pepe move up with that okay so keep an eye on the debt deal the talks going on around that keep an eye on bitcoin and ethereum where they go because you know quite honestly Pepe now with a 600 plus million dollar market cap it's massive it's major and it's one that you need to be aware of in the context of kind of looking at what the blue chips are doing okay because the narrative is going to be when the money starts to free up you'll start to see Pepe and Bob and all these uh new newer meme coins start to move along with it as well all right I'll see you have a good one take care