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I still think Tesla's a buy for me for me personally I still think Tesla is a buy um at any moment musk can get his margins back at any moment at the snap of a finger he can get his margins back and that's the biggest weakness with Tesla right now um margins and guidance both of which musk has complete control of so I mean thankfully it's not thankfully it's not sales that's not um sales which are only going to improve as the economy improves it's uh it's simply up your prices now just just up your prices you got the demand just up your prices um now that you've won the EV War I mean you got the demand so you you got the demand you got the advanced technology you you got the keys to the kingdom at this point right so I mean Tesla's the house of this whole EV market right The House Always Wins they are the now the house of the whole everything EV so um you know raise your prices boom I mean margins will snap right back uh get more transparent about cyber truck um talk about how many orders you got talk about how many uh you plan on making by New Year's uh what date do you plan on producing uh put out an updated presentation video on Cyber truck and you know release that video I don't know uh just just be more transparent and then boom that's taken care of uh and he can address all of that he can address all of that in a snap of a finger so it's just not his priority right now it's just not his priority at this moment right his priority right now is market share which is clearly winning him this whole EV War right now so I'll take it I'll take all the Legacy car companies lining up to jump on an nacs I'll I'll take it I mean Tesla has dozens of billions of dollars ahead of them and it's still it's still a company that I would happily invest in today especially now when margins are purposely they're purposely down right they're they're intentionally down so I'll take it I'll take it I wouldn't mind buying this company up until about 330 um I mean I can see Tesla being back in the 700s in about two to three years from now two to three years from now Tesla I could see them being you know somewhere over in that in that in that in that space 700s all right um with their charging deals their their cyber truck their semis I mean this company has a lot of Ventures that are nowhere near maturing so I'm all for it

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