assalamualaikum everyone welcome back to Jasmine video update today we do we do see a little bit of a pump going on and uh that's actually amazing I'm pretty sure people had their stop losses somewhere here in this areas I think they actually they've actually pumped the coin to get the liquidity grab but I haven't been so negative on Jasmine honestly for the past few days because as I told you before that you know Jasmine on the foreign is amazing if you look on the on the four hour time for me I just showed you the RSI and this RSI has been a very very long support for Jasmine ever since last year in December 2022 you've actually been making support there support here support and then you finally came down to another support you got support on the other side there this one here this one there and this one right over here so this was almost an amazing place where it was always good to buy this okay it was always good idea to get to try a little bit of uh you know Jasmine but things things can flip very quickly in this market okay things can change in a Flash and in a snap as well so if I do go back into the daily you're looking for this one top and the second top and that's a very huge double M top right there a double top pattern here and you got the neckline here and I'm looking for maybe maybe just maybe if you do break below the neckline you do have a very very big technical Target to come all the way down there but the good thing is that the four hour time frame RSI actually comes to save the day because that actually suggests that no I don't think I want Jasmine to go down now if if Jasmine is not going to go down and and it's not interested to go down then the only place that makes sense for Jasmine to go is bounce off this area or maybe even just come a little bit down take the stop loss and then try to move back up and you do have this neckline which has been there for one year right now and you have this one touch second Touch third one fourth one and maybe try to climb back up again and who knows this time break it for good and actually go to 22 000 and make that 300 move to the upside which uh we're really really expecting for but right now I still hate the fact that they couldn't actually manage to break this thing right over here it ended up with a fake out very bad fake out they pushed it all the way down and we still have uh support this is more like a supply zone right over here so that's actually sorry not even a supply this is almost like a demand box over there and if you end up losing this demand box you're losing the neckline as well of a double top and then you're gonna actually go really really badly to the downside unless you don't break it down and make a fair card and then try to go back up that's a different situation so that's it for this quick update on this coin coin meme coin whatever and I'm going to see you with the external office