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assalamualaikum everyone and welcome back to Luna classic not lunar classic uh Jasmine video update today so in jazzme we have this one amazing green candle right there I did actually seem like this uh support line that I've been talking about on the weekly time frame is where it has been supported the most so you have one candle touch two three four drop down take the whole stop loss here make people wait for one whole month this is 30 days candle because we're looking at the weekly so so you have your stop losses head down you have um you know 30 days of waiting going on just for you to to be killed with this week okay take that stop loss and then move to the upside and it does make sense because I do know a lot of people are just gonna set their stop loss right over there right and this is just a classical way of pushing things to the upside now of course uh binance charts once again I cannot really support the binance chart this is is a binance chart I hate binance charts nowadays it used to be my favorite but now it's just too much manipulated and we have a move up above this area that I'm about to show you so we're looking at one break happening but you do have 14 hours more to go so if you might actually end up just pumping up here you have a technical Target and eventually even come up here to this technical Target and that's going to be uh four nine double six okay four thousand nine sixty six and you're sitting at four two two eight now it has been a little bit crazy for Jasmine let's look at how the volume is behaving now the volume is not super crazy you do have a green candle like this and you had a green candle like that but the volume of this one this candle here is much more greater than the volume that you're looking up there but still you can see that the buying activity is happening like this is a smart money buying opportunity you can see how healthy the candles are printing it's not too crazy it's not too much but it's healthy healthy enough probably to just break above and just push it up here and eventually push it up there now the next thing is you have one more resistance where you might be able to visit if I do turn on the logarithmic scale here it's actually possible to see the coin if you know the volume increases by a step in that it does actually end up eventually pumping up here to this resistance as well so we're talking about a move up and this can actually be 34 move to the upside I was actually expecting it right over here but it could actually happen right over there now there's no any TA to back this up this is just uh history based comment because you have the resistance here you go on Resistance there this resistance here this resistance there and come up and there take another resistance right over there and who knows from here eventually get rejected and then try to move down once again right yeah and again this is pretty crazy breakdown take stop losses move back up that's incredible and that's it today is going to Mark as the last three days of joining the private so if anyone wants to come in and join the private has been pretty crazy so far for this month of July as well and I'm looking for more people on August as well if you want to try if you want to get in message me on Twitter the link is in the in the description of the video and I'm going to see what the next one love is

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