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assalamualaikum if you want to Welcome to the castle video update today and we're trading at five one zero five six as far as I told you in the last update that you know Cass is moving up and it's making this uh uh you know bullish pennant and if we potentially break down we might have continued to come down to to re-test this line uh but we actually broke out and there's a technical Target up here to uh five two double five seven now in my private as well I was able to get some of the buyings here so you can see we entered at 4803 and I'm actually thinking of selling it at 65. so I don't know you know I'm just gonna keep holding it a little bit longer so basically um form 48 this is going to be 48 right there we we are actually up like six seven percent here which is just pretty decent you know if we go for the day trade uh this is actually just pretty good you know something it's something right and uh from here onwards this is for the second time cast did not retest so when am I talking about now if I do go back here and I show you one thing about Cass uh there was a time when Cass broke out of there but it actually didn't re-test successfully you can see that even back in these days you you just uh you know shot to the upside like this and when you came down you just came down and down but you really you really never retested this area okay which is a again it's it's just a cast thing you broke out of here you didn't retest you can see that uh this was your resistance you you shoot up you went up and Cass always does this now it actually looks to me like you have already broken from this resistance that resistance broken out but you didn't actually do the uh the headache of actually retesting again but who knows we can have uh if we're going to have any drops again in the future or something but I'm not expecting it anymore because that's the main behavior of this coin as I told you it never retested there never retested here uh I'm not surprised if it doesn't want to retest here again so I'm actually looking at the history to make my future this you know and for me personally if you look at this whole pattern it actually takes you to 65 and let's see if I can get lucky enough to get to the 65. now I do have some profits but I'm not thinking of just cashing it out yet I'm actually thinking of cashing it out here so wish me luck and I wish you luck as well if you have some uh some you know profits out there uh with cash but uh one thing is that we're getting some bearish Divergence unfortunately okay so we're looking at uh this thing right over there and uh there's a little bit of a Divergence happening uh for me that I do see in case I don't know where did I see one it seems like the Divergence did it go away um just a second yeah it actually went away there's no any Divergence which is pretty crazy so uh final at the moment you know there's this pattern that is going to take you to a technical Target you end up like this you crawl up it's a bull pennant you're breaking out you're looking for this technical Target at least for now now let's see if you can actually end up coming up here move sideways break out move sideways break out until you don't eventually come to meet this technical Target uh the four hour time frame does look a little bit overblown to me on the other side by making it a little bit suspicious you can see that we are at this line once again where you go hit here you go down you go hit again you go down you come here get hit again you went down and yeah a lot of things like this you know they get hit and they get down so many times so that's it for this update getting lots of messages on Sundays so that's it uh I'm going to see you the next one I love this

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