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I solemnly recommend welcome to the chaos update today so Cass has been going down in the past few days and uh we closed our position uh some few days ago as well and uh right now the only answer that I have or the only Vision that I have is that Cass has to calm down and re-test this line now for God's sake do retest the line but I do know the nature of this coin it may not even do that as well and that is something expected but at least for now the way you have moved up like this it does show that you can come down and uh it's it's just how the coin is when you move up you come down when you move up again you calm down again right you move up you come down you move up you might actually come down here again so there are wave the waveforms are always uh healthy and and if you need a healthy Market you need a uh you know a move up you move down move up and move down so right now to me personally this was your whole pattern got destroyed got the break and you're looking for the move down I just want to look at the weekly and how the weekly uh looks like as well so if you look at the weekly that also shows that yes this was your break this was the move up and by the way on the weekly time frame if you do end up coming down to 0.031584 that's going to be the uh the ultimate end for cast to actually move up so you don't see Cash ever coming down and take 0.031 if it does that does that then you are looking for a move down and probably this is your next liquidity grabbing level which is going to be 19 000 actually so uh yeah that's something you have to keep in mind now let's go back into the four-hour time frame and let me show you what the four-hour time frame looks like now there was a trend line previously this this was your trend line here and you broke the trend line and ever since you've been down right there and you can see it went down like this and you're making a flag right now so this flag uh talking about the flag it's going to be from there to there and we are looking for a continuation move down and you can see you can see it actually does take you down there so this is your technical Target we are looking for cast to come to 0.039749 again this doesn't really mean that it's bad that is obvious you know this move down is a retest okay and retest means that yes resistance was broken we're testing that resistance into support now the question is if this actually holds as support then I think this is going to offer an amazing buy here and you might hold this move sideways take some few stop losses here and there and then try to pump all the way to their technical Target and that's going to be a move up of nearly 50 percent so it's a good thing okay I do like discounts and I do like discounts that are at support as well so two things combined with one another makes it a very strong statement but if and if we do hold support as I told you come down to 31 000 you're looking for a very big drop to the downside in the future so let's hope we do hold the 39 and 38 maybe even 37 is still okay and that's it for this update I'm going to see you the next one love office

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